The First Day of School Was Very Stressful

Updated May 2, 2022

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The First Day of School Was Very Stressful essay

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This story starts off with Perry T. Cook being in the Blue Coed Correctional Facility, where he has lived all is life. The Blue Coed Correctional Facility is in a very small town named Surprise, Nebraska. His mother was convicted of manslaughter twelve years ago and he has been with her since he was in her tummy. Perry Tt. Cook seems to be very quietly and respectable little boy. The Warden of the Correctional Facility is very nice to Perry. She every morning wakes him up and allows Perry to wake up all the residents in Blue River. The first day of school was a very anxious day for Perry. Perry’s mother doesn’t want October to come yet.

She wants to be free women and leave the prison, since that’s been the home to her child his whole life. The prison doesn’t look like an actual prison though. It has natural light and the colors on the walls aren’t too bad. Jessica now seems a little happy because her son finally made a friend, her name is Zoe. Zoe is mad about her parents getting a divorce. She was also mad about having to leave her home since she moved and had to start attending a new middle school starting a new year. Zoe’s first day of school wasn’t too great since she meets Perry and he was asking all sorts of questions. The thing is that Zoe knew where Perry lived and didn’t want any problems. That day they found out that there was going to be a dance for dads and Perry knew that there was going to a photographer for the first thirty minutes. At the dance Mr. Joe is giving the pictures to all the fathers and Perry is impressed on how all the dads are dressed so very well. He started to wonder and starts asking himself questions on how his mother would look when she is free.

One day Jessica starts to feel that everything is getting out of control because all her plans were being destroyed. She starts to tell Perry that they won’t be able to leave the prison together. His mother would have to stay in prison and he would be leaving her behind. With the new district attorney, Mr. Van Leer, the arrangement was changed. It was decided that Perry would live with Mr. VanLeer and starts to interfere with Jessica’s bid for parole. Perry notices that he is in Zoe’s house. Mr. VanLeer is Zoe’s new step farther. While living with Mr. VanLeer Perry learns how to use spoons, a knife, a fork and learns on what side each utensil goes. Perry was a very quick learner and throughout the time Perry cannot stop think of his mother. He really starts to miss her a lot.

The day finally came, and Perry was able to go To Blue River to visit his mother. Perry was so anxious to speak to his mother and to tell her everything he writes in his list. When they both see each hey start talking about so many things. They didn’t have all the time they wanted, and they knew they wouldn’t be able to talk about everything in one day. Neither wants to leave since they both know that the week is going to be a long time. Jessica stays calm since she knows that her son isn’t alone out there. He has Zoe and Mrs. Samuels who is nice and helps him with his homework. Besides she knows that he needs to learn how to live outside in the real world. Perry also feels less worried knowing that his mother was fine and that almost everyone likes her in Blue River.

Mr. VanLeer was given the opportunity to be interviews in T.V and more than likely they were going to ask him questions about Blue River but more importantly about Perry. Everyone seemed to be anxious for Mr. VanLeer and how he was going to answer the questions. Jessica saw how Mr. VanLeer was making himself look good by using Perry. Even though Mrs. Samuels didn’t like the idea of Mr. VanLeer talking about Perry and they got into an argument. Perry felt bad that Mr. VanLeer and Mrs. Samuels were fighting because of him and he just wanted it to end already. For a school project Perry had to do an interview and waned to interview his mother and he did. He learned why she was spent to prison and learned about his mother’s past.

Now knowing his mother’s past Perry wants to help his mother knowing that she was innocent, and he decides that he was going to try to do something about it by talking to Mr. VanLeer. Later Perry, Zoe and her mother went to go eat at Toni’s Corner and he realized that the accident had taken place there. Perry remembers what his mother had told him and how the accident had taken place. Perry finds out that it true, but he needed a way to prove it. A week later Jessica confesses the truth to Perry. It was Flip driving the automobile and that he was drunk. The only reason why the police didn’t catch him was because Jessica told him to her and she took the blame. At the end Jessica gets out of prison and thanks her son Perry and they live happily together.

The First Day of School Was Very Stressful essay

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