The Different Disadvantages of Home Schooling

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Although homeschooling is an option that is great under certain circumstances, it can prove to be detrimental at times. Homeschooling is the act of educating one’s child at home instead of sending them to school. One might do so under specific conditions but overall, sending a child to school is better than homeschooling. With homeschooling, many problems might occur. Issues that might arise are the parents being stressed, the child becoming socially awkward and the child might not get a sufficient amount of education.

Homeschooling is where the parents educate their children at home. This puts pressure on the parents as they must prepare curriculum to teach the students and be able to educate their child to the point where they comprehend what the parent wants them to understand. The parents have to prepare many resources to educate their children, which takes up a great chunk of their time. Furthermore, they have to teach their children along with doing their regular day job. This gives the parents a big load of work to do and can cause various health problems. Homeschooling is harmful to parents as it takes a lot of effort and time to educate them when they could easily be sent to school for stress-free education to the parent.

Furthermore, homeschooled students may become socially awkward as they always remain in their home. Going to school makes up a huge part of a student’s day and for homeschooled students, going to school means remaining at home. They are stuck inside their own home, with the same people for most of the day. Because of this, they have limited social interaction with others which might cause them to become socially awkward. Teachers at schools have been preparing and curating content best fit for students at their age group. This might not be possible if one is being homeschooled as learning might be different. In the end, this might cause the homeschooled student to be underprepared when having to return to school or society. The student is not well enough equipped to handle society as they might not have enough education as others their age. Homeschool might be the better decision under different situations but there are many consequences that come with it. The student that is homeschooled might cause their parents too much stress, become socially cumbersome due to limited interactions with others and not well enough prepared for the society they were separated from.


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