Tension between Enlightenment and Romanticism

Updated September 10, 2022

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Tension between Enlightenment and Romanticism essay

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First of all, Enlightenment is a movement that stressed on rationalism. It is characterized as being self determination and more like fulfillment of individual aptitudes. However, Romanticism is more like individualism, emotions and nature. The Age of Enlightenment opened the ways to free reasoning and improvement. For example, mathematics, astronomy, politics and more. At the finish of the Age of Enlightenment, the Romantic Era was conceived and it was by all accounts in challenge to the thoughts that the Enlightenment had conveyed to society. Even thought both Enlightenment and Romanticism were built up around increasingly self-reliant and development, Enlightenment and the Romantic are differentiate essentially. These two periods varied in pretty much every perspective, including their convictions, explanations behind appearing, and the effects that they have had on society.

In my view, I think both Enlightenment and Romanticism are rebellious. The Enlightenment was a transformation against religion. On the other hand, Romanticism was an against movement for Enlightenment. Actually they both played more on individualism. Enlightenment took individual independent as their own personal feeling. While Romanticism concentrated on individual sentiment. So I think, in spite of the fact that their thought on individual was unique and underscored the individual appropriate to intensity oftheir own individual. Besides that, it can be seen that Enlightenment and Romanticism have different thought about nature. Enlightenment thinkers tends to clarify, watch and study the nature of man. But for Romanticism concentrated more on traditional side of nature and natural side of man. In my view, they both look to nature and both motivation and also a source of learning in man’s limits.

My view as a Muslim is the contrast is religion and the portrayal of God between these two era. Rather than the non-intelligent God as imagined by Enlightenment believe, Romanticism people perceived God as a profound power and valued the ethical principles lectured by religion. Medieval times which were considered as dark ages by Enlightenment on account of superstition and devotion, was valued by Romanticism scholars on account of social consistency and religious. While the Enlightenment viewed history as simple confirmations of human obliviousness, Romanticism saw history as one of a kind substance and esteemed local societies and nearby conventions.

Another real conflict between these two was human emotions. While the Enlightenment contended that human sentiments block unwavering understanding, Romanticism commended emotions as one of a kind element of people. Romanticism trusted that the mind startle nature of human instinct is outside the ability to understand of reason and normal reasoning. They thought about that creative and instinctive scholars had a superior understanding into life and human instinct. The artists, writers, musicians and others thinkers of Romanticism period broke the guidelines and methods underlined and set up amid illumination and thought about them as hindrance to creative ability.

In conclusion the Enlightenment and Romantic are different from many points of view. Intelligence and thinking rule the Enlightenment while sentiments and feelings ruled over the Romantic time frame. Regardless of the distinctions, the two of them started from a progressive structure. However we have to open our minds and look for the world from contradicting points of view.

Tension between Enlightenment and Romanticism essay

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How did romanticism conflict with the ideas of the Enlightenment?
Romanticism had been a reaction to the excess of strict rationalism of the Enlightenment period just as The Enlightenment had been a reaction to a state and church overrun with ignorance. While the Enlightenment movement had thought faith and feeling distorted truth, the Romantics felt truth destroyed emotion.
How did Romantics feel about the Enlightenment?
The Romantics felt that the Enlightenment notion that the universe was knowable and controllable was naive . The universe was infinite, mysterious and ultimately unknowable. Yet we are a part of it and therefore if we give ourselves to our deepest yearnings we will be part of the creative part of the universe.
How did the ideas of romanticism differ from those of the Enlightenment?
How did the ideas of romanticism differ from those of the enlightenment? The Enlightenment stressed reason as to the key of truth, whereas romantics emphasized feelings and emotions as the source of knowledge.
What characteristic of the Enlightenment was rejected by the Romantics?
Romantics rejected the rationalization of nature by the previous thinkers of the Enlightenment period.
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