Teaching in the Global Context Traditional education

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Teaching in the Global Context Traditional education essay
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Teaching in the Global Context Traditional education models are typically teacher-facilitated instruction focusing on the core subjects- reading, math, science, and social studies and infused with physical education, music and art. During the multiculturalism era, schools then began to offer foreign language instruction. Although this model is beneficial to most students, education models are shifting from traditional to global education models in order to address 21st-century concerns. The global learning theory recognizes the various approaches to learning about the world from different perspectives through the use of critical reflection and thinking to improve societal, cultural and global relations (Büker & Schell-Straub, 2017).

Global educators emphasize innovation, collaboration, and the use of technology to expand the knowledge base of students beyond their local communities. They follow, adapt and adopt changes in technological or pedagogical developments (Canli & Demirtas, 2018). Globalization requires teachers to think universally as it relates to values, culture and learning approaches. It is vital for these educations to understand how their personal cultural identity influences their classroom practice and model cultural sensitivity so that diverse learners are able to collaborate in a safe and open environment. Global educators use real-life examples and aid learners in problem-solving to improve local and global conditions in socially responsible ways.

Transformational Leadership Transformational leaders are driven by a vision that is used to motivate others to change habits and behaviors and implement strategic plans so that the vision is realized. They cultivate the leadership potential in others to develop new leaders by focusing strengths, developing weak areas, modeling and inspiring them to buy in to the overall mission (Alonderiene & Majauskaite, 2016). Within the global learning model, educational leaders set goals, develop training and assessments for teaching, establish a global curriculum and provide opportunities for teachers to serve on international committees, compete for research travel grants, or to present and contribute to peer groups.

Global Teachers Characteristics Responsibilities Challenges Opportunities

• Innovative

• Technological

• Broad viewpoints

• Culturally sensitive

• Employ various pedagogies

• Critical Thinkers

• Reflective

• Socially conscious

• Inquisitive

• Understands how the world is interconnected

• Recognizes that the world has rich variety of ways if life

• Develop creative and innovative opportunities for students to collaborate

• Maintain an understanding, respect and tolerance of diverse cultures;

• Facilitate digitally-mediated learning • Utilize good communication skills

• Uphold the basic competencies and certifications of a professional teacher (Global Teacher Education, Inc., 2017)

• Contradictions to teachers’ personal values and culture.

• Inability to adapt to cultural expectations in other nations.

• Use of technology as the primary instructional strategy. • serve on international committees. • compete for research travel grants,

• present and contribute to peer groups

• Travel Abroad

• Advocacy Transformational Leadership in Globalized Education Transformational leaders thrive in global education because they are able to use the skills that make this leadership style unique- relational, motivational, adaptable, cultivating and communicative. The inspirational and motivation style of transformational leaders is an important aspect of leading global teachers in that they have to be inspired to take risks in trying “out of the box” instructional strategies, facilitating courageous conversations dealing about societal and cultural issues, and sometimes public scrutiny. It is also the role of the transformational leader to always seek new ways of modeling instructional practices for their staff and keep abreast of current opportunities for learners to demonstrate their understanding. These practices gain the trust of a community as a whole and ensure that students and staff alike become global citizens (Huckle, 2015).

Teaching in the Global Context Traditional education essay

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