SWOT Analysis of Ananda Milk

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Ananda is one of the milk and milk based items maker in India. ‘Ananda’ is an exclusive Indian dairy item maker, based at Bulandshahr, in the province of Uttar Pradesh. The company which was registered in the year 1989. The organization was set up by Indian specialist Radhey Shyam Dixit. Other than ananda milk,ananda milk items like dahi,ananda matthi, chocolates and frozen yogurts and many more products.

The organization likewise makes non-dairy items, for example, tea, corn drops, boondi, sugar, and oats. At first, the name of the organization was Gopaljee Dairy. In March 2012, they rebranded it to Gopaljee Ananda and began advertising themselves with the new name. The brand is a market leader in Delhi and NCR region, uttarkhand and Uttar Pradesh. Be that as it may, following are the focuses in the SWOT investigation of Ananda milk.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths in the SWOT analysis of Ananda milk

  1. Fantastic brand value-ananda is a darling brand over the years. Even however ananda has such a wide and huge dispersion organize.
  2. Solid appropriation arrange-This is one organization which is solid in urban just as provincial dissemination. You will discover ananda present even in residential communities and towns.
  3. Rancher support-The organization has the altruism of the dairy and vegetable ranchers in the locales they work in. This gives them the unending and generally modest supply of crude materials
  4. High trust and goodwill and Satisfied customers:The organization has been profoundly connected with Indians and subsequently have a reasonable handle of the Indian opinions and the requests of the Indian client in the entirety of their item verticals. The organization has generosity and trust in the brains of the client since the organization has been providing milk on an everyday premise. The association that the organization has to the general population at the grassroots dimension.
  5. Rustic nearness-Solid rustic nearness of Ananda is its in addition to point. It is referenced here independently in light of the fact that this provincial nearness gives ananda a solid upper hand

Weaknesses in the SWOT analysis of Ananda milk

Shortcomings are utilized to allude to regions where the business or the brand needs enhancement. A portion of the key shortcomings of Ananda milk:

  1. Bundling-The greater part of the items that are managed by ananda, for example, milk, frozen yogurts, vegetables and so forth are altogether transitory in nature and a ton of consideration and research must be done on the bundling that can make them last. There is additionally a requirement for utilization of innovation in bundling and capacity.
  2. Circulation costs: The results of ananda are transitory and along these lines needs coolers and other stuff for appropriation. The regions canvassed are likewise insignificant as far as expanse.This expands the expense of conveyance intensely.

Opportunities in the SWOT analysis of Ananda milk

  1. Fare – ananda can send out its item to different states along these lines expanding its turnover and edges exponentially.
  2. Positive condition in India: The legislature is great towards horticulture and the nourishment handling industry has possessed the capacity to get a ton of advantages because of this core interest.

Threats in the SWOT analysis of Ananda milk

  1. Rivalry: Some of the significant contenders of ananda incorporate Amul, Brittania, Nestle and so forth.

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