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Success Comes When You Overcome Your Adversity

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Success Comes When You Overcome Your Adversity essay
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Success by Overcoming Adversity: Realizations I used to think that life was unfair. I always thought that some people were divinely more gifted than other people, and that their success was a reflection and progression of their gift. I would think that celebrities and public figures are “lucky” with their success, but it now dawns on me that majority of these people have faced some form of adversity whether physical, emotional, or perhaps even financial. The realization being that everybody has faced some type of rigor, or incapability, or misfortune; but, it all comes down to how the situation is handled, rather than letting an adversity beat you down and convince you that you are incapable of achieving great things.

Provided that many successful people have overcome their own type of adversity, it gives me a strong, pure motivation to cross obstacles that await me in my future, regardless of how great the struggle is. If Helen Keller was able to learn the fundamentals of language as a blind and deaf woman, then surely I could learn to speak and write Spanish fluently despite my Chinese background. Ultimately, it provides me the nudge that leads me to believe that there are no excuses, that this particular act will haunt me for my clear half-heartedness.

Like Howard Hughes, who suffered from chronic back pain and Obsessive- Compulsive Disorder, I too suffer from OCD. However, Hughes remained an inspiration and a legend throughout the world. Hughes was indeed a very successful man, he did many great things such as film directing, being a producer, an aviation expert, a philanthropist, and was even a businessman. Simultaneously, he suffered from OCD and chronic back pain in which OCD led him to become a recluse. Regardless, he continued to do what he did best. Hughes’s strength and capability allows me to acknowledge my ability to handle my OCD and hopefully be able to pursue many great things in the future despite the anxiety that OCD may provide.

In writing and evaluating these public figures’ adversities, it dawns on me that as a regular human being, I am capable of achieving even greater things. Another observation is that overcoming adversities is more rewarding, and it allows one to develop a stronger passion and drive to do the impossible. That being said, nothing is impossible. Stevie Wonder was blind since birth, but yet he was able to find his passion for music and instruments. In some ways, Wonder had done the impossible, but this only goes to prove that everybody is gifted and talented, and being unable to find a talent or skill is simply taking your abilities for granted.

Finally, the image is vivid. We are all capable of something genuine and pure and these people who have overcome adversities give us a reason and a reference to push on and to be more passionate to our goals and dreams. Personally, this will help me stay more conscious towards my goals in the future and will help me in keeping my head straight. I also believe that this will allow me to maintain my utmost effort in my future pursuits.

Success Comes When You Overcome Your Adversity essay

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