Student Cheating Issue

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The need for high grades and scholarships and technology have encouraged students in schools to cheat on assignments from simple warm-ups and classwork to important assignments like projects, essays, and exams. The most common cause for cheating comes from worksheets that students deem to hard to complete or are just too lethargic to do it.

Students are more likely to cheat with friends because they share loyalty to each other or the student feels as if their friend is their failsafe if works becomes difficult. This is a problem as students can receive expulsion from school as well as other consequences, and therefore, it is important for teachers and the students themselves to tackle the issue and discourage cheating.

Cheating in school overall results in the student robbing themselves of their own education. Technology also provides more opportunities for students to cheat such as chromebooks which students plagiarize essays or their phones which they can use to pass around answers during a test.

Most people would believe that students who are struggling are more likely to cheat, However, students who excel cheat almost as much as other students. Parents can also play a role in student cheating because most pressure their children to excel in school.

Making students feel as if they belong in the classroom can decrease student cheating. Teachers care about their students, but the students have to become aware that. Teachers can start off by learning to remember the names of every student in the class and taking the time to answer every question if any.

As the school year goes on teachers can take the time to get to know every student’s interests. They could also stay after school longer to help any students who struggle with the material. As a result, students who believe that they are a part of the class and teacher support can reduce the likelihood of cheating.

Furthermore, teachers should be aware of the material that they assign to students. A majority of students like to use a teacher’s reputation for giving “unfair” work as an excuse to cheat. To students the word “fair” can have different meanings such as the work covers the materials that the teacher said it would cover or how much time they are given to complete the assignment.

Helping students with anxiety, especially during tests and exams, can best be handled by going over test protocol and give a summary of what to expect. Handing out older versions of tests and going over sample questions can also reduce test anxiety as well.

In conclusion, student cheating can lead to expulsion from school or other legal consequences. It mostly comes down to to students to encourage other to tackle this problem. It is also a teacher’s duty to help boost the morale of their students so that they can feel apart of the classroom and for parents to encourage their children of positive values instead of just applying peer pressure. It is imperative that we deal with this problem now or we can expect to see this problem rise even higher in the future.


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