We Should’n Cheating in School and Life

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Because the cheating is like to Exploitation by yourself. And cheating is make another people don’t like. And cheating is mean using dishonest. Cheating is a bad thing. We should not do and cheating is a dishonest act such as cheating or cheating to earn money or just say it is self-exploitation. We should not cheat because cheating will make us no friends or people who trust us and will make us worse because we should not cheat others or cheat the exam. There are many reasons for cheating.

Such as being pressured by people around you, such as teachers, parents and mothers, because the score is an indicator that we are good or not being pressured to do this thing, it has consequences and cheating, it makes us really good, but can do ‘ We really think that because we imitate or cheat on him, it will make us unaware of what to do and cheating will result in future work because if we cheat other people or copy to go to another school, it will do. Do we not others because breasts. We cheat the exam to pass a certain point and cheat. It results in the future leaning.

When we apply for a job, he will see how well we are learning. Is the person that he came to do this job? When he watched, he saw that almost everything was good because we copied it and made us good grades and had a good profile and when he knew we were cheating when he would Chasing us out of work But if talking about cheating on the exam, if you know, it will be examined and if we cheat, then the parents come to know that he will regret. And when society knew that we were cheating, society would not accept us and we would not have a place to live in society Example of cheating.

Today, the exam is full because there is a secret answer to the answer, then the teacher can catch or take advantage of friends, etc. When we cheat, then there are many problems, such as being called to the teacher by parents whether or being punished. Cheating has a variety of other features, including cheating in sports, such as playing football, and the directors side with the opponent, which is a cheat. And cheating in today’s society is abundant, we should not Being a cheat because society does not want cheating and cheating can cause other people to suffer.

Went to borrow the goods and refused to return or do his work. And playing games with friends or others. Then had to cheat him. Or playing anything, but the said action is an act that should not be done because it makes itself look bad and may cause others to suffer. This kind of action makes it possible for yourself to benefit. And cheating is a big problem in school, high school or University. Because many student is cheating when the test or another. When the school and high school and University can fix this problem the school will have good student and clean student.

We should don’t cheating. And we will be good student. Teacher and parent will feel good. Because we not cheating. And if we don’t cheating. It will have a good thing to you. Because many people will Admire. And another school want to keep a good student. Because the student make a test by yourself. And many job will want this good people. Because many job want a good stuff.

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