Song & Dance Routine in Bollywood Films

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If one examines, sometimes certain Bollywood films are not that impressive and easily forgettable. However people do remember songs and dance numbers in the movie. Dance numbers in Bollywood are popular in world. They are extremely important as pect which is i nseperable. The routine of dance and songs has started decades back. In the beginning estern and western dance and songs routine in theater was pretty much same. They all performed religious songs and dances. Later, the western theater culture changed but the Indian theater culture remained same. And it is into practice since all these years. Dances later evolved from religious to entertainment purpose but still they hold traditional values.

It is true what Dudhra said in one of his work that “song and stery of film is so much bound together. If you miss a song, you missed a link between a part before song and the next” (2006 : 48-49). He also added that ‘the songs are often fantacies of the protagonist as well as the audience’. It is comman for audience to expect attest six or seven songs in one movie.

Bollywood films are generally sells on its entire package of songs, dance, item numbers. “A film which has no songs, the average Indian movie goes finds these films boring” (Gokulsing & Dissanayake 1998- 90) The above appeal is indicating to somen in songs and dance routine.

The dances can be either actress dancing in the field, or an actors imagination about actress dancing in his fantacy costumes or there are other various types of dances like rain dance, romantic dance, Indian tranditional dance etc. In an average film dances objectifies women a body to look at and the object of desire for men. Usually the men in dances watch women dancing and enjoy her full exposure of sexuality.

Indian cinema is heavily dependent on dances and songs in it and use it to convice alldiance about the sexual attraction between the couple. Its similar to Hollywood depend on visual image of couple sleeping in a bed together or showing removed clothes on a floor. There are strict censorship laws in India regording physical contact on screen couples were not allowed to kiss on screen old days not even modern times. Hence there was immediate ban on movie dhoom II (2007). Hence the directors developed a special dance language so that they can aveid showing direct physical contact but still can show off womens body and sexual desire of couple.

“Songs and dance are used for words which could not be spoken and action which is forbidden in public (skillman 1986 : 138) dances and songs are best ingredients to sell film more and to gain a box office success (Pendakar 2003 : 161) Dances like imaginary dance or rain dance are inviting to male audience and at the same time female audience want to be like her. Lyrics of the songs are generally to show that she is available but altainable. Mulvey once mentions about Hollywood that “she is iso lated, glamorous, on display, sexualized. But as the norrative progresses she falls in love with the male protagonist and become his property.”


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