Social Science Is My Favorite Subject

Updated May 2, 2022

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Social Science Is My Favorite Subject essay

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At Graduation me and this boy named Jon-julien and me and him lead the song we sang was the: song I smile. It was very fun. We performed it at Knollwood Baptist church and after we performed we took pictures and ate food. We talked to all of our friends and we was lit. We had so much fun! I hope when I graduate from middle school and high school it is as fun as elementary school.

Anyway now for 6th grade. I go to Wiley Middle School and our mascot is the WOLVERINES. I have 4 classes for core class which is Science, Math, ELA, and Social Studies. So for homeroom and Science I have Mrs Lundquist and she is pregnant and she is a great teacher. I like her class because it is fun in there and it its interesting So far I love learning about the electromagnetic spectrum. In 2nd period which is Math, my teacher is Mr Cutts. I like his class because he lets us listen to music while we do our work and so far I like to learn about Ratios. Math used to be my favorite subject but its not anymore because it has become harder. In 3rd period I have reading and my teacher is Mrs. Eberle and she is a good teacher and we go to lunch with her. I like her class because she is nice and I like to read! She also lets us listen to music.

In 4th period I have Social Studies and my teacher is Mrs. Uribe. She is actually one of my favorite teachers and Social Studies is my favorite subject. Even though she is the strict one I still like her. She is my favorite because she is fun and I love social studies. I like social studies because it is very interesting. Its my favorite subject because it is interesting. Now for my Encore classes. On A days I have PE and Spanish. My PE teacher is Mr Mabe and he is a cool and fun teacher. And my Spanish teacher is Mrs Akimbo and she speaks very well and I like her class. On B days I have Computer Skills and my teachers name is Mr. Scott and I like his class. I also have band on B days and band is fun! I like band because it is fun in there and it is fun playing the trumpet.

Social Science Is My Favorite Subject essay

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