Social Responsibility as Advertisement Strategy in Business

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According to the respond to the question “How old are you?” 75% of respondents are 21 years and above meaning that all participants are mature and conscious of any decision they take. 25% of respondents are university graduates and 37.5% are high school graduates making a total of 62.5%.

This statistic is disturbing because participants will have difficulties understanding some pertinent question on Corporate Social Responsibility. 0% of participants are not employed according to the question “What is your monthly net income?”

With just 37.5% of respondents in the top salary range it is feared the level of income may influence what people buy. For the question on “What is the level of your knowledge regarding Corporate Social Responsibility?”, 37.5% of people surveyed are null when it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility, while just 25% are knowledgeable in CSR concept.

With 37.5% having basic knowledge and 37.5% no knowledge on Corporate Social Responsibility, the tendency is that, Corporate Social Responsibility activities will mean nothing to 75% of respondent and the added value these activities bring to the community will not be appreciated.

Tallying the respondent to the question “What makes a company responsible in your opinion?”, 50% says “when a company pay taxes”, 12.5% says “Involvement in social activities”, and 12.5% says “environmental consciousness”. It is also evident Corporate Social Responsibility activities is not important to 75% of participants. Meaning CSR activities will not influence the choice of company they buy from.

12.5% of respondents answer the question on “How much interest do you pay to Corporate Social Responsibility policy of a company as a customer?”, affirming that “Corporate Social Responsibility policy is important and determines the choice of product they buy”.

This is greater prove CSR activities will not increase sale or improve the financial performance of a company. 37.5% did not answer the on question “Why do you think companies get involved in Corporate Social Responsibility activities?”. With just 12.5% saying “Involvement improve company reputation”, it is an indication community that host companies do not know their rights or pay to attention to the activities of firms in their communities.

When it comes to the question on “How did you hear about your favorite brand?”, 0% of people says from Corporate Social Responsibility activities and 50% of people say from Advertainment while 50% says from assorted methods. By this answer advertisement remain the only means to improves sales and thus financial performance for firms.

75% on the question “How does Corporate Social Responsibility influence a company’s image in your opinion?” responded “Neutral” with just 12.5% with “positive” as answer. This also confirm the non-effect of CSR activities on people not knowledgeable with CSR policy. Looking at the last question.

“How does advertisement influence a company’s image in your opinion?” 75% says it influence a company’s image positively. This confirm why just a handful of firms in Cameroon “balance their money making-operation with activities that benefit the society” (“Why Is Social Responsibility”, 2019, para. 1).


CSR activities will improve the financial performance in a community that is knowledgeable in CSR concepts. Although CSR activities will boost the financial performance of a business, thinking CSR activities will influence sales more than advertisement will is not correct.


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