Slang in Capra’s Film “Mr. Deeds Goes to Town”

Updated April 22, 2022

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Slang in Capra’s Film “Mr. Deeds Goes to Town” essay

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In Capra’s film “Mr. Deeds goes to Town,” there are multiple slang terms throughout the entire movie that is associated with settlement types in the countryside or in the city. For example, after Mr. Deeds uncle died in the beginning of the movie two businessmen from New York City who are associates of Mr. Deeds uncle. They came to Mandrake Falls to find Deeds the two men stumble across a man picking and carrying crates of fruits or foods they called him a slang term “native” when the city businessmen were looking for Mr. Deeds. Another slang term from the countryside when two businessmen asks the man about Mr. Deeds he was ignoring them because they have bad attitudes and a third businessmen asks the man politely also he tells them a slang term “beating around the bush” and take them where Mr. Deeds lives.

In addition, a third slang term is when Mr. Deeds came back home from work and talking to the businessmen, then asking him to take his uncle’s money and one of them said the slang term “in a pinch” which means if necessary after Deeds did not accept the money. A fourth slang term when Mr. Deeds and his uncle’s associates are eating cake, Deeds was reciting a poem about mobs after that one of the businessmen said the slang term “sackaroo” after they leave to come back the next day to Mandrake falls. Mr. Deeds accepts his Uncle’s inheritance and decided to leave Mandrake Falls and went to New York. A woman was walking back and forth with her husband who is Deeds uncle other nephew ignoring her by reading the newspaper calling him the slang term “Yokel”. Mr. Deeds wants to go outside but a businessman asks Deeds if he wanted to see women and explain their sizes calling the slang term “tendant”.

Another slang term is when Mr. Deeds suddenly stop by his body guards and Deeds locked them up in the closet also one of the them said slang term “Stick to your tail”. In addition, another they use was “The Cinderella Man” which refer to Mr. Deeds when he went out on a date with Ms. Dawson. In the final scene when Mr. Deeds and everyone is in court because Deeds went to depression after the news that he might lose control of his uncle’s fortune and last the slang term was said “Doodler” that Mr. Deeds said to a person back home towards somebody who does foolish designs in the court. In Capra’s film, there were slang terms throughout in the movie to show between countryside and city men which I agree that is based on the settlement types. My experience is going to a different state and I hear other slang terms.

Slang in Capra’s Film “Mr. Deeds Goes to Town” essay

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