Simple Tricks to Set up Your Gardening

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Enjoy your garden every day with special attention. How? With a few simple tricks to set up. Remember that each plant has a suitable location and that their maintenance is essential for a beautiful garden. More details below. Having a beautiful garden 365 days a year, it’s not that hard.

Here are 5 secrets that will allow you to realize your dream of a new or confirmed gardener:

  • For a perfect garden, take care to delimit the space

The most beautiful gardens are the works of real landscapers. Why? Because before they go into buying plants, they think about how space is organized. Make plans ! Relaxation area, promenade, games, vegetable garden, swimming pool… Within each zone, think about the ambiance you want to create and design your project.

  • Choosing the right plants

Planting Capuchins, sun-loving flowers, away from your tall cedars is not the best idea. To avoid such pitfalls, consider the path of the sun, as well as the quality of the soil in every corner of your garden. Then think of the harmony of shapes and colors. Define where to plant annuals or perennials.

  • Regular maintenance

It’s the main secret of any gardener. A well-kept garden is a garden that requires daily time. The watering must be precise : do not drown your garden to avoid coming back the next day! Cut your trees high enough to keep them from getting too much shade and cut the wilted flowers every day. Scrape the soil to make it more able to absorb water efficiently and remove weeds as they appear. A lawn must be mown every fortnight and sown every two years to keep its splendour. Feed each plant with a fertilizer adapted to its needs.

  • Anticipate anything that may threaten your garden

Many pests can make your garden a nightmare. Aphids, slugs and other insects should be carefully monitored. But run away from insecticides ! Introducing ladybugs will be a great help against aphids and spreading salt around the vegetable garden will remove slugs, while preserving the presence of bees and butterflies. Also pay attention to your pets.

  • Thinking about winter

Just because your garden seems to be resting doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of it in the winter. Before the arrival of the first frimas, protect the most fragile plants by placing them under breathable tarpaulins. Cover your pools and mow your lawn for the last time. In November, it’s time to plant your bulbs for the spring annuals. In December, start planting your vegetables (carrots, cabbage, leeks and radishes). As of March, remove the protection and clean your garden for the summer season!

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