Should State Colleges and Universities Be Free?

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Should State Colleges and Universities Be Free? essay
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College is to enhance one’s self. It should be available to every citizen of the U.S. Education should be provided to every individual free. But unfortunately, the cost of going to college is rising. Many people are choosing not to go to college. While those who choose to go to college end up with student loan debt that follows them through life. An educated population is necessary in today’s world especially when technology is evolving day by day. It’s important for today’s generation to be updated. I believe Youth is the future of any nation. It’s important that they get the right education. Making state colleges free to attend would just make easier the lives of determined people who gave up on their dreams just because they don’t have enough money to attend college.

Colleges are places where students go to learn and if they don’t have enough money they won’t be able to attend college, and they won’t receive the right education. Education helps them to think critically. For instance, for better understanding of what’s going on worldwide. It’s important that people think thoughtfully about the issues. Education helps people in critical thinking. It gives a better understanding of social and economic issues. There are many reasons why education should be free. Studies show that people with higher education degrees report a higher level of health and happiness. Also, societies with educated people have lower crime rates.

Higher Education is very important specially in today’s world. Many more jobs today are knowledge-intensive or require advanced technical skills than in the past. In this highly competitive era, College education has become much more important. We need Young, talented , and educated workforce that lead the nation towards success. Education is such a powerful thing that can change the lives of people and the future of nation . As Nelson Mandela says ‘’ Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Everyone should have the opportunity to go to college and make the future better for themselves. Education gives people a direction. It gives them a hope that their dreams can be fulfilled. Higher education should be free for the citizens of United States. According to College Board, the average cost per year is $9,970. Many people can’t afford such costs. The government does help people with grants, but most of the times they are not enough. The student loans and fees are too much of a stress for young people to carry. Most of the students drop out because of having the pressure of loans that they have to pay back after they are done with college. Students should be focusing on their studies rather than worrying about the fees. They should focus on their studies, not on the debt that they have to pay back. According to HuffPost ,if students did not have to work while in school, the graduation rate would improve drastically, and students at universities could graduate in four years instead of six or more years. In fact, the biggest reason why students drop out of higher education is that they cannot afford the high cost of tuition.

Everyone has the right to get a higher education. It’s a person’s right to get higher education and learn more about things. There are students out there who are very talented and deserve to be in college but instead, they are doing jobs. There are students who maintain top grades but they are from lower class family and can’t afford to go to college. I believe that education should not be related to the class in any way. Just because you belong to the lower class, you don’t have the opportunity to go to universities. Many of America’s top performing high school students never apply to the most challenging colleges even though they have the ability to succeed at them. They often come from minority and low income. Opportunities should be open to all. Everybody has the right to chase their dreams and make their lives better with education.

Free education can influence people to live better lifestyles, to have dreams. There are people in our society that have so much talent, new ideas that can be beneficial for the country, but unfortunately those people don’t have any platform and are stuck in low-wage job. Giving platform and chance to such people who really want to do something in life could lead to a happier, more prosperous nation as a whole. A well-educated people could result in smarter decision making at every level of society, which could lead to faster progress in solving our most difficult challenges. College level education should be an absolute right. Students would be able to focus more on their studies rather than worrying about how to gather money for college. As a result, most of them will be able to graduate on time, ready to take on good jobs and help their communities. In short, government should make education free for everyone. Its totally worth to invest in free education so that the generation lead the nation to revolution and success.

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  3. For this research paper, I first searched my topic on internet and read the argument so that I have better understanding. I wrote the Pros and cons for free education and then I discussed them in detail. I also read the articles on free education and then summarize some important points. In the end, I checked my essay on Grammarly to see if there were any grammatical mistakes.

Should State Colleges and Universities Be Free? essay

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