Should Schools Ban Football?

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Handley says, “Over 98 million people watched the Super Bowl last year of the Los Angeles Rams versus the New England Patriots” (par. 1). Football is a physical contact sport that was invented in 1892. It’s usually called football in the U.S and Canada. It’s the most watched sport in the United States. The size of a football field is 1.32 acres. The NFL (National Football League) was founded on August 20, 1920. The sport is played with two teams of 11. Only one team is allowed to have the football.

The quarterback is the man in charge when the team has possession of the ball. He can throw the ball to a wide receiver, give the ball to the running back, or run with the ball. The team is supposed to exceed over 10 yards to get a first down. The max of you can get is four downs. If you don’t get the ball 10 yards over in the fourth down, the ball will stay where it is and the other team will get possession. Schools should not cancel football due to the players socializing with others, steps to reduce the ways to get head injuries, and a 50-year old follow-up study proving football players don’t have a higher chance than those in clubs.

The majority of football players that played a season with their teammates have gotten closer to form a relationship or strengthen the bond that they already had. In “8 Benefits for Kids Who Play Football”, friendship is built among the team due to the fact that there are many players on a team working towards one goal. This type of teamwork makes the players more accustomed to working with others which is a skill in almost every profession (Hewitt, par. 5). They start to bond with each other praising their teammates on how well they did on a play. They start to believe in each other, making them closer.

There are multiple ways to reduce the risk of getting a brain injury. One author says, “There are clear steps schools can take to reduce the risk of dangers from concussions. Among them is teaching key staff members to work with a licensed athletic trainer on site and develop an emergency action plan” (Mohney, par. 18). There are multiple ways that the staff can help to treat or reduce the chance of getting a concussion. Making an emergency action plan is crucial for players’ health. It can treat players’ injuries if they get hurt and help them get better. This clarifies that teaching key staff will make the football players more safe. Football is a physical contact sport and makes the players safe from concussions. There are ways to decrease the chance of brain injuries in high school football by teaching key staff to develop an emergency action plan for the players.

Another author says, “Greater than a 50-year old follow-up study of high school football players from Rochester, Minnesota, showed that they did not have a higher incidence of neurodegenerative diseases than members of the choir, glee club, or band. (Glatter, par. 7). A 50-year study reveals that the people who played high school football did not have a higher chance of getting a brain injury. This clarifies that just because football is a contact sport does not mean that the players have a greater risk of brain injury. This shows that people who played high school football had the same chances of brain injury as those who are in clubs.

Schools should not cancel football due to players learning to socialize with others, steps to reduce concussions, and a 50-year old follow-up study. Many Americans tune in to watch the Super Bowl every year. Football is supposed to be a physical contact sport and was played for over 100 years. If a kid was good at playing the sport, football, he could get a scholarship to play for a college and have a chance to go pro. It’s used to teach kids discipline and to believe in themselves and teammates. Schools shouldn’t ban high school football just because players get injured and get concussions.

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