Should Abortion Be Illegal?

Updated September 19, 2021

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Should Abortion Be Illegal? essay

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For many years abortion has been a very big debate. It has become a unresolvable issue. I have never disagreed with a woman receiving an abortion. Most people disagree because of religion reasons and it could cause possible health issues. A woman have to suffer from that abortion procedure therefore if she makes that decision, she has to deal with that outcome behind it. Woman are still human beings, not something that’s just meant to carry unwanted babies. Abortions should be legal because women can make their own decisions, get pregnant in tragic situations, and some are simply just for not to be parents.

We live country that is always fighting for equal rights, especially gender equality. The fetus has to grow inside of a woman, therefore she has the right to make whatever decisions she wants. If a woman gets denied the right to an abortion, she basically does not have the freedom she thinks. No matter how advanced a woman is financially, our rights will never be as equal as men. Abortions are simply the right any way deserves to have, no matter the race, rich or poor, married or not.

No one should be forced into doing anything they choose not to do. I believe that if the states make abortions illegal, their should be some rules that would still approve a person to receive one. For example, if your financially unstable or unfortunately got pregnant from sexual assault. There are 37 states that do not provide poor woman any abortion funding. In the 1970s Congress votes to stop letting women get abortion with Medicaid. A month later, a struggling single mother bled to death after having to go to another state to receive an illegal abortion. You can not make someone take care of or provide for a baby they are incapable of handling. She became the first known victim to suffer from the governments funding cuts.

Sometimes babies are simply not in a woman’s plan just yet. Banning an abortion could delay a woman to be successful. Especially for teenagers. Sources say that a teenager who is incapable of receiving an abortion could cause long term problems such as dropping out of school. Most people always say there are “other options”. I feel like carrying a baby for nine months than giving them away for adoption after you have gained connection with the baby would cause me more hurt than simply getting rid of the baby before they are even developed. Why not let a woman decide when her time is right? There is nothing at all wrong with admitting to yourself that your not ready mentally to raise a child. You can not bring a child in this world stressed and definitely not depressed.

In the long run, I stand behind women receiving abortions. I know myself, personally if I can not bring a child in this world not on my best of terms financially or mentally. I should, just as well as any female have the right to make the decision to say whether or not I want to experience parenthood just yet. Congress are voting to ban abortion but what is really the big issue behind this? Pregnancies are not always planned so sometimes women need options. Abortion mad sound bad but people should investigate a little more into the whole procedure. Abortions are actually beneficial and helpful. I hope abortions stay legal because all women have rights, some have tragic pregnancies, and some are mentally not fit to be parents yet.

Should Abortion Be Illegal? essay

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