Sexual Education Must Be Taught at Schools

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Has society ever realized the importance of sex education in school institution? For many years, society has avoided talking about sexual education at schools. This theme was banned. Nowadays, in Canada, especially in Ontario, government and parents regarding sex-based sexual education lessons at school. The modern sexual education lessons include most of the aspects of an intimate teens life. Including the sexual education in school curriculum has several advantages such as preventing negative sexual health outcomes and preempting mental dysfunction in the puberty period.

Firstly, discussing sexual culture with the adolescence will help avoid well-being problems. The school lessons could help to prevent unwanted pregnancy and, as a consequence, an abortion. Adolescence an early age should receive whole information about contraception methods and the following problems are not using it. For example, the teens should understand that the whole body under development for child-birth in puberty period. As a result of unprotected sex can be a pregnancy. It is has a huge impact on the whole organism.

The choice of abortion is not only the right way but if it happened the youths age people should visit only an official medicine department. The number of unreported abortion is increasing each year. As a fact “in 2014, in Ontario, were 21.275 unreported abortion” (Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, 2019). These shocking statistics state that most of the adolescence is afraid to discuss sex topic and how to find a result of this problem.

Secondly, sex education study is the right way to acquire sexually transmitted diseases. As an example, most teens unaware of contraception methods. The ultimate education explains the reasons if using condoms and preventing sexually transmitted infection. There are two most common infections: chlamydia and syphilis. The teens can give relevant information about body problems. For example, infertility may cause infection in the future, As s fact, “Almost half of all sexual transmitted infections occur in people younger than 25 years old. The Young lady has unprotected sex and engage in high-risk of infection. Chlamydia is the most common reportable STI in Canadian 15-19 years old, according for over two-thirds of all cases.” ( Public Health Ontario, 2014). Finally, education lessons are increasing sexual accuracy and personal health.

One of the main roles in sexual education is to preclude adolescent from mental dysfunction in the puberty period. First of all, Canadian sex program must discuss a problem with understanding sexuality and body support. Adolescence is accompanied by a change in the structure of the body and internal organs. The educators will give essential informed about preparing for life changes for the reasons to avoid physiological illness.

The teens begin the visual comparing body. For instance, the girls see that the breast is growing, but in a different person, nothing happened. Girls are shy to ask advice about body changes. As an example, almost simultaneously, all girls have discomfort in the chest area, body hair is growing up in puberty period, but it is normal. The organism and body are rebuilt in a new way. Wherefore, teens feel confused and terrible thought on this point.

However, the same person persons have a different length of puberty. Frequent occurrence among guys compare the high, weight, voice and etc. Canadian sex program aims to explain the first signs in teens body. Sex study support youths with discussing body changed and prevent mental diseases. The teens will realize that should not worry about this special period in life. “Theme becomes more complex as schooling progresses evolving from the development of understanding around feelings, sexual aggression and gender identity”( Meesro, Sexual health education in Quebec school, p.2, 2015)

At the same time, the school program to raise a critical considerate to explore pornography websites. Easy access to any kind of porno sites could provide a misunderstanding between sex and porno. Adequate sex knowledge gives a chance to recognize that porno is not equal to sex. The aggression from porno sites must not be in real life. Pornography sites can raise a mentally disturbed and family values will be violated. Also, people are growing with altered consciousness and morality.

Active porn viewing can affect sexual behavior in the future, as well as the attitude to the opposite sex. “ Given the relation between intelligence and critical thinking it seemed reasonable to hypothesize the intelligence would predict men’s reactions to pornography.”( Bogaert, Anthony F, Woodart, Hafer, Carolyn L; Journal of Sex Research, p. 283-291). In Puberty period the teenagers should not afraid physical changes and are able to share positive and negative information from digital media. Briefly, the development of sexual education at school is creating many ways to protect the adolescence from a stressful situation and take care of personal health.

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