Self Reflection Questions

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 What Do I Need to Stop Doing

I have always anticipated becoming a good English writer. I think that I have enormously expanded my literature knowledge and writing skills, but I need to prepare myself to become a better writer. I feel like I need to stop being irresponsible and overconfident. I need to stop presuming my writing and try to focus on getting my writing even better. Just being overly satisfied with my writing, and not reviewing the assignments again before submitting is one of the worst things I usually do.

Also, I keep translating from my native language into English in my head, it makes my essay sound illogical and inaccurate. Instead of just translating, I need to think directly in English. I struggle when it comes to writing an essay about myself because I start to think about how would I write it in my language and then simply translate it to English.

What Do I Need to Start Doing that I Am not Currently Doing?

I think I should start reading books and novels. I don’t usually read on a daily basis unless it is assigned as a class assignment. Reading improves vocabulary, it decreases the repetitive words which is what I always do, that’s why reading more books and novels enhance the new knowledge of using sophisticated words. which means the same as the common words but are spelled differently, to make less repetitive and sound more professional.

Exposure to different words in the books implements our mind to adopt various unknown vocabulary words. Reading also helps improve concentration. I always struggle with concentrating while I’m writing. I always get distracted and start using my phone in the middle of writing an assignment. In Writing, concentration is the most vital for quality writing.

Reading also helps understand the grammar rules and teaches how to imply them in our writing. I have always struggled to follow the correct grammar pattern. I try to stick with the basic grammar which is not enough to write an effective long essays/ research papers. By reading books we get to know different grammar styles and examples of how they are implied in the sentences.

What Do I Need to Continue but Needs to Be Improved?

Following correct grammar is the most important part of writing. Grammar helps writing to make complete sense. If there are excessive errors in grammar, the reader can’t understand what the writer intends to show. I follow the basic grammar rules and try my best to make my writing as clear as possible, but I fail to follow the advanced grammar techniques.

I have a basic sense of grammar but I need to improve more. Add new vocabulary work to make it different from what is considered as basic vocabulary, writing reflects your educational level, which means I have to improve every aspect of my grammar by the time I receive higher education.

What Am I Doing Well that Needs to Continue?

Writing has never been my greatest strength. I have been always practicing to make my writing less embarrassing. Being an immigrant student, makes me struggled a lot to adopt the correct Academic writing style. Initially learning English was really challenging. However, what I have improved on and needs to be continued are the following things such as; I have learned to break the five-paragraph essay which restricted me from deep analyses of my topic.

Discarding the five-paragraph essay format has considerably opened my mind up to new ideas. My thinking has become more critical and I have learned to organize the logical claims in a systematic way. My writing is becoming more incisive and I no longer have to add nonsense stuff to enhance the length of my writing. My writing has become more interesting then it used to be before.

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