My Self-Reflection Analytical Essay

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Through my final project, I have been learned how to apply what I have been learn in marketing class. It takes me time to really understand what marketing that have been use in business. By doing assignment that required me to apply marketing strategy and swot analysis make me more understand to this topic.

That is a lot of thing that I can take away such as analyzing marketing strategy. This is because I need to know what microenvironment is and macroenvironment that can affect business. From this, lead us to know the strength, weakness, opportunity and threat (SWOT) for the business. It also teach us how we can make an improvement towards this business after taking care all the factors that might affect the business.

In addition, in this group project its acquired a lot of skills especially planning and leadership skills. This is because we need to plan, what business that we want to choose as our research, it’s the company applying a market strategy in their business, easy to communicate and dealing or not. When the tasks have been given, we have been decided the leader to make communication smooth and clear. If the leader is an effective leader, it will influence others by her action and make us work together to finish this assignment through the due date.

Furthermore, the skills that I get through this group project will be useful in the future. Who knows in the future I need to sell something for my entrepreneurship subject or involved in business, and the skills that I have been learn will I use to help me promote my product. For examples, I need to analyse the marketing so that it lead me to the marketing strategy that can contribute to the SWOT analysis for my business. Its my business is suitable for that time and follow the trend or not.

Next, benefits from this group project make me realized that when you want to open your business, you must be brave to adapt the situation. You need to provide yourself with full knowledge about marketing so that your business could expand more and generate more income. Proverb say, when people knock you down 10 times, you get up 11 times. Its means when you enter in business and marketing, you need to be patience before you become successful. For examples, Neelofa starts from zero to hero, where right now her own brand has a strong position in market. She never stop learning on how to improve her own brand.

When we work as team its means you need to work together and really understand what your objectives for this task. We do brainstorm among the group members and discuss what exactly our purpose and objective for this task, and everyone shared their own ideas and thought about this project. When everybody clear, about the task, I fairly divided the task based on their strong knowledge on that topic. For examples, I’m doing a microenvironment that may effect the business and my partner will do the microenvironment. From that I find how to work in group because you will support each other and make you understand the topic. Listen what your group members say about her opinion so that everyone is participating to share what they know. It will bring to a good assignment and teamwork.

After doing a brainstorming, we give everybody times to make some research. For examples, by search through online research or go to the library and find what can related to this topic and task. We also gain some knowledge by asking our lecturer, senior and classmate on this topic. Thankful, that they very helpful especially when their give their idea and share their knowledge on how we can improve our group assignment. When everybody have made their own research, we gathered together to do the brainstorming from what that have we get. So that we come and stick for the best solution on our group assignment.

The best moment of this task is, we know our member group better because we stick together up and down during this group project. How we support each other and do brainstorming to make sure every single of us really understanding in this topic. We also keep in touch to know the progress of this group project. This is because its really help us to understand better what marketing it is. As our lecturer say, everything around you is marketing. When you really understand what marketing it is, you can understand what I means by that.

Lastly, for me the improvement that can be done for this project is add on more topic that basically use in business marketing others than 4P and SWOT analysis. This we helpful to students to understand better about marketing topic and help students to defined exactly what marketing that have been use around us.


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