Self Introduction about Education and Career

Updated September 20, 2021

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Self Introduction about Education and Career essay

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Good Day Sirs/Madam,

I am extremely grateful and thankful you for granting me this wonderful opportunity to me to do self-introduction to you. Abdul-Karim Yakubu is my name. I am in a family of seven in including me and a native of Tamale, and but currently living in Accra-Madina. I am currently pursuing my education, MSc in Public Health at the University of Suffolk uk partnership with Unicaf and I shall be entering into my final year of my graduation studies in the next couple of two years.

Ever since I started studying Community Health Nutrition in my undergraduate studies. I have realized that, I enjoy of educating and promoting health in our society. I am currently saving my job with National Identification Authority as card verification officer. In some few months to come my determinations and goal is to acquire knowledge, skills and working experience in the field of public health. I wish and love to work on a high position, contributing and sharing ideas to the betterment of my work place and the environment i found myself.

During my childhood days, I have witnessed my family focusing upon correct utilization of good health, supporting and guiding us towards to gain knowledge and understanding the value of health. However, this went further to boost my interest towards Public health as my career path option. Why I want to study public health?

  1. Public health aims to provide a good and maximum benefit for the largest number of people rather than only and individual.
  2. I know and believe that, public health has a value and an excellent student across the globe and graduates prospects who have the passion for it.me happens to study this program shall give me enough knowledge, understanding and shall make me different from my peers in the world.
  3. There are many challenges and problems in the field of public health such as community health disease, injuries, environmental hazards and many more. Studying this program will provide me a wide and a broad knowledge to be able to prevent diseases outbreak, educating and promote good health services in a particular place or a society.

Being an impressive and an attractive person in a public health environment is that this profession is valuable, attractive, demanding, quickly and is a new life to change. This program is a unique and dynamic area of excitement in the globe. I shall not take it easy but I will do all my possible best to achieve it.

I am a disciplined soul and a self-motivated person. I therefore, always want to learn new things which will help me to gain more skills. I have serve my country for one year at ridge Hospital as a National Service personnel, and my role was a health counsellor and a nutritionist and a product of University for Development Studies.

In my free time, I enjoy socializing and participating in spots activities such as football. After leaving tertiary School I played football with my team mates twice in a week at the local club for three years. Being selected as the captain of the football of the team at the local football club developed my team leadership skills and was very rewarding, although education has remained my main focus. The committed nature of mine has made me a very hard-working and conscientious student.

My main strength in Community Health Nutrition and Public Health is my ability to make decisions and apply appropriate strategies to certain situations, including methods of raising finance, motivational strategies and promotional techniques all which contributes to the qualities required to be an effective manager. Studying these at University of Suffolk will provides me with the skills to fulfil my long-term ambition of managing a hospital in the health sector, drawing on a variety of different knowledge covered in the different areas of the program.

I am highly glad and also, looking forward to the challenge and rewards of university life, and I am also confident that it will enable me to achieve my goals and build a genuine career.

Thank you very much.

Self Introduction about Education and Career essay

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