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Self Introduction about Education and Career

Good Day Sirs/Madam, I am extremely grateful and thankful you for granting me this wonderful opportunity to me to do self-introduction to you. Abdul-Karim Yakubu is my name. I am in a family of seven in including me and a native of Tamale, and but currently living in Accra-Madina. I am currently pursuing my education,…

About Myself,

Self Introduction

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Self Introduction Essay

My name is Sajed AlHaliq I came from Jordan, a beautiful small country in the Middle East with a spectacular many places to visit such as mountains and desert. In secondary school, I gradually stopped my extra-curricular activities, including swimming for a professional team in my country, and decided to work. Despite all challenges, I…

Self Introduction

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Self-Introduction Rupinder Singh

My name is Rupinder Singh and I would like to be called by Rupi. My home town is khadoor sahib is located on north east part of INDIA. I was born in a happy and harmonious family; my father is Business man and my mother works for the government. I am the only child in…

Self Introduction

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