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Self Evaluation of Research Assignment

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Self Evaluation of Research Assignment essay
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I spent a great deal of time uncovering the most effective evidence to support my claim. When I was assigned to this speech, I did some thinking on a topic that I feel strongly about. I did some research online and received information on several websites with great information and statistics about old age drivers. I think I found a great deal of information to back up my claim. From my audience analysis, I found that almost 100% of my classmates agreed with me. Therefore, I knew I would not have trouble convincing them. After reading the peer listening sheets, everyone said that I persuade them and they are with me all the way about the testing of senior citizens.

When I was researching this speech most of my information helped me with my claim. There was a website that did however, mention about the positive and negative aspects to old age drivers. I know if I mentioned some of the positive aspects, my audience minds could have changed.

The main point of this speech was to persuade my audience. I used statistics and straight forward facts about my claim. My assertions were my very own opinions. Also when we were doing the informative speech, there were a lot of people who disliked people who can not drive.

My main goal of this speech was to make everything convincing. I noticed in my video that I was using eye contact and looking at everyone at the room. I was told that I had great volume and gestures. As I watched my speech, I can hear everything that I said and understood everything also. When I was delivery my speech I gave some straight forward information about the affects of old age drivers. I also mention the statistics of accidents that they get into.

When I was watching my speech, I had my note cards in two hands and then held them with one. I tried my best not to look at the note cards. I mainly looked at them when I had to read a long fact about my claim. I dont think I made a huge improvement with my note cards. I still use my hands and look at them. I will practice, but I seem to look at the note cards. I was so close to meeting my time. When I practiced I would always meet the time requirement. I was 4 seconds below 2 minutes. I believe when I practice at home I meet the requirement because I am calmer and not as nervous. I tend to speak fast sometimes when I talk.

I think I did a good job on convincing my audience. It was not hard, but I did not change their minds to go on the opposite direction. There were for not against. I brought up some good factors that old age drivers should take the tests. As I said above when watching the video, my volume was good and eye contact is getting a lot better. When I was reading my peer listening sheets, my classmates said I did give enough evidence to support my claim. Justin stated that I had good posture. When I watched my tape, I noticed I didnt sway as much.

I believe I have done a lot of improvement. I need to stop all of my swaying. I also need to work on speaking too fast and try to keep a better rate of pace.

Self Evaluation of Research Assignment essay

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