Self-Evaluation of my Progress in Class and my Goals for the Rest of the Semester

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Self-Evaluation of my Progress in Class and my Goals for the Rest of the Semester essay
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I think it is crucial for any student who wants to improve themselves in class must take a moment to evaluate their progress in class and set a goal for the rest of the semester. When I looked through my work in my speech class, I asked myself the things that I have learned so far, and what am I going do to improve myself for the rest? By answering these above questions, it will help me stay focus, and do my remaining work to master this skill of public speaking without fear. So far, this semester I have learned different techniques of speeches such as informative and persuasive speech. I also learned how to write journals on different topics despite many challenges. From my first speech till now, I have also learned to overcome my fear, learning how to use slides properly and time management.

I think I improved myself a lot in each of my speeches. I remember in my first speech I rarely made eye contact with my audience and I had some pauses during my speech. Gradually, I am improving myself by practicing a lot and writing good outlines. After my second speech, I become very comfortable talking in front of my peers, and I am also asking and answering questions, which improved my understanding. The feedback from the professor was very helpful, and she is always there to clarify anything that is not clear. This encouraged me to work hard, and the assignments that were also helpful. Regarding journal assignments, I am improving myself but on various occasions, I submitted late due to my conflicting schedule. My classmate’s speeches also helped me to avoid certain mistakes such as making pauses or umm, going over the time limit and also not being able to make eye contact. I am doing well by structuring information and content such as an idea, opening, previews, main points, transitions, summary, and closing statements. I gave my speeches in a way to make my audience understand well my information. My outlines served me as the beacon of my speeches and I wouldn’t be able to do without it.

Overall, this course taught me a lot in speaking, and it also improved my ability to speak in front of a group of people. I learned how to use properly a PowerPoint presentation, and a good spot to stand while giving my speeches. In the end, I really enjoyed this class and it was a very fun learning experience that will help me later on in my life as I am aspiring to be a lawyer.

I consider the speeches I have given in class to be successful and my methods of speech organization and preparation to be improved. However, there are still areas I can work on to further improve my speeches well.

Regarding my goals for the rest of the semester is to improve myself on various public speaking technics, and master this skill to the point that I will never have an issue throughout the rest of my life. I hope to pass my class with an excellent grade.

Finally, I am very satisfied with the speed of my progress in class, and speaking delivery and the ways I share my ideas with the class.

Self-Evaluation of my Progress in Class and my Goals for the Rest of the Semester essay

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To personalize it, you'd expand upon that example by adding more details to support this point, so your self-evaluation might read something like: “ I excel at making team members feel comfortable and included by sharing openly, honestly, and vulnerably my personal needs and asking for help.
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