School Education Is not so Important

  • Updated January 25, 2021
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That’s not what the definition of education, we call that bulimia. And the more bulimic we become the better will we do on assessments. Which does sound absurd but unfortunately 100% true. Which is also no wonder why so many of us students graduate mentally and emotionally anorexic.

The true definition of education should teach us how to connect them, it teaches us how to catch a fish. But what school does is that it teaches us that our “fish” doesn’t count because we did not show our work.

So what is the school for? I can guarantee you that it’s not for education because the real meaning behind the word education comes from Latin root “educe” which means “bring out”, bring out the gifts out of a person and make them viable. And school doesn’t bring that out of us students. It just stuffs more facts inside of us. That stuff is now justifiable. We student need writing, reading and arithmetic and that’s just fair.

Did you know that suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death of ages 10-24 and Harvard studies suggest the biggest predictor for success is emotional health and self-control, but why aren’t we taught how to handle all of this pressure that school gave us? We need to be taught the definition of self-care. We need to be taught how to handle stress, bullies, anxiety and depression. That’s things that we have used for in our daily life to manage the pressure and to keep on with life.

I am a person who can’t cook but somehow knows all the battles that happened in the civil war, to be honest, I’m kind of surprised to be alive.

Some people say that we need school to be able to have a successful life and I don’t doubt that at all. But did you know that the creators of MacBook, iPhone Snapchat, youtube and WhatsApp dropped out of school? Even the founder of the furniture from Ikea. Yes, Ingvar Kamprad who is one of the richest people in this world never even attended school.

I’m not just picking and choosing, I know there are millions of people who didn’t attend school and aren’t successful. But if you look in history books and start perusing you will be surprised to know that the people we idolize in school never actually had formal secondary schooling. You will find out that America’s presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln had non-school between them. Even Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, Teddy Roosevelt, Margaret Mead Worlds most famous people didn’t go to school.

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