Sarah’s Direct Position in the Company Advance Sourcing Concepts, LLC

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I met with Sarah last week in her office in Pittsburgh, PA. She works for a company called Advance Sourcing Concepts, LLC. Linked In offered a great analysis of what this companies primary responsibilities include: “Advance Sourcing Concepts is a certified Woman-Owned, full service Human Resources contract and sourcing company with over 60 years combined staffing expertise in the Pittsburgh and national market. We have a very strong reputation for providing top quality candidates for direct-hire, short-term and contract positions” (Linked In, 2017). Although I underwent a thorough interview, I was a tad confused as to what the company really did. I learned more about Sarah’s direct position.

Sarah works directly with health care fields. She is responsible for many tasks; some of which include organizing and maintain Corporation records along with community’s corporate files alike. There are many legal documents that are necessary in these types of settings, as she emphasized heavily throughout the interview. Health care systems, recently have been attacked heavily regarding lawsuits and so forth. Therefore, Sarah needs to assure these places that if they were to be sued, she has done the necessary work to prevent it to the highest degree. HIPAA laws are amongst the most violated of these sorts, said Sarah.

These laws are very strict, and can easily or accidently be broken. However, penalties can be severe, therefore, she is hired to guard against these things. This is accomplished by filing and documenting the proper paperwork. Sarah has been in her position for seven months now and aspires to be promoted sometime in her career.

Sarah had not only education pertaining to this field, but the experience to match it. Sarah attended Clarion University located in Oil City, PA. Not far from her home in Pittsburgh. She wanted a school located close to home, where she would help her father out. Her father was a paralegal as well. Her inspiration to become one was because of her father specifically.

He attended her school for a job fair and ever since then, she wanted to follow in his footsteps. She fell in love with the work that paralegals do and feels it is a very satisfying line of work that is unlike previous employment she has had. During her two years spent at Clarion, she would travel home about three days a week to overlook and shadow her father. She has the knowledge and experience that is essential for these specific jobs. Even, while speaking with Sarah, I could feel that she was both professional and well-educated in curriculum. Her confidence made it a pleasure interviewing her.

Sarah only attended a two-year program, however, that was not noticeable throughout the interview. She was very quick to answering any questions I had, she knew exactly how she felt right away. In a sense, I feel that with her dad being a paralegal, she gained much insight from him. Proving that one does not need a tremendous amount of education, if practice in some form occurs alongside.

Previously, I thought that education was the faster route to success in these areas, however, I see that without the necessary experience, paralegals are doomed to fail. Her school was ABA approved and are non-profit. She was very pleased with her education received in this University. She felt very assured that she would leave the program with a great understanding of the correct steps to take. Sarah did believe in these accredited programs, she felt they were more advanced and modernized.

Sarah said that so far, she is very pleased with this position. She feels, however, very busy at times. She sometimes works overtime, just to accomplish all that is asked of her. Everyone knows the hustle and bustle of working in the health care fields, but it does not just apply to doctors and nurses, but all staff. Sarah wishes that she had more time to breathe at work because she feels pressured to complete all that is asked of her.

But, she also claimed, in a sense, that she is happy she is busy. Sarah is the type of worker who doesn’t enjoy having nothing to do, even outside of work she is like this. Being busy is essential in careers like this, because efficiency and accuracy is essential. Great detail is paid to these filings that Sarah directly deals with each and every day. Mistakes on her hand are very embarrassing and she tries very hard to avoid that. Because, not only does it look bad on her, but it can cost hospitals a lot of money. Patience sue more than they used to, which was obvious early in Sarah’s career.

Sarah was trained on the job, but knew most of what was said. She, for some reason just picked a lot up. She is lucky that she is compensated for overtime hours, because they occur extensively. Sarah is hoping that if she is promoted, she can enjoy more time off, and doesn’t get stuck with so much busy work. She wasn’t very open about discussing her salary, but did provide information that affirmed she was pleased. She did say that many paralegals make a lot less than she does in the company. These are the ones with little education and efficiency. Sarah says that health care professions see a lot of instances of people randomly quitting, and this effects the company at large. This is also sometimes seen in her fields as well; some paralegals cannot handle these qualifications.

All put aside, Sarah is very pleased with this position. Her talents shine through, and her personably personality was a delight. I felt as if I had known her for a long time, and did not just meet her. She was suggested to me by my cousin who had studied with her in Oil City. I posted a Facebook status pleading for a paralegal to interview. My cousin connected Sarah and I, and we made the arrangements. Her and my cousin remained connected after graduation, so I was very fortunate to have a candidate available. She was very eager to see me, just as I was her. I felt very comfortable and interested in what she had to say. Partly due to the respect I have for my cousin. I trust his judgment in people because he is very good and a respected man.


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