Role of Memory Skills for Students

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Memory is the superior (logical and intellectual) cognitive process that defines the temporal dimension of our mental organization. Memory plays a big role in our life. It is the mental sticky note that we use; to interpret and access information, remembering instructions, directions and events, paying attention, learning to read and write, and learning math.

People with weak memory skills have trouble keeping in mind what comes next while they are doing what comes now, and have difficulty of grabbing better opportunities. The part of the brain that responsible for memory is also responsible for maintaining focus and concentration. Memory allows us to remember skills that we have learned, retrieve information that is stored in the brain, or recall a precious moments and events in the past.

In mathematics class, memory is responsible for many of the skills that students use to learn on how to read, write and analyze math problems. Auditory memory helps students hold on to the sounds letters that make long enough to sound out new words and visual memory helps students remember what those words look like so they can recognize them throughout the rest of a sentence. They may know how to do different kinds of calculation techniques. Memory helps students to remember what they need to be paying attention to and being able to focus on solving math problems which depends on a number of skills that build on one another like building blocks.

Memory helps students to recall different kinds of patterns in numbers in order to remember basic math facts, rules and laws. Build up students skills to store information about solving a word problem in their head, and use that information to create a number sentence to solve the problem which eventually leads their abilities to memorize mathematical formulas, patterns, and laws.

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