Role of Environmental Protection Agency

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Environmental Protection Agency is the most important agency for a work environment. The reason being is that without people are not allowed to work. Environmental protection agency is an agency that protects human health and the environment. It’s protection contributes to making the communities and systems diverse, sustainable and economically productive.

During the 1970’s because of the ineffective environmental protection laws enacted by states and communities president Richard Nixon created the EPA to help the national guidelines and to enforce them. Before the protection of EPA, there were concerns of air and water pollution. Some of the incidents of pollution was an “offshore rig in california the fouled the beaches with millions of gallons or oil,” according (EPA.gov). So then as a result of multiple pollution problems, an agency was then form called EPA.

“EPA was a strategic plan to protect human health and the environment”(Kenton). Its goals were to protect americans waters, cleaning up communities, ensuring the safety of chemicals and prevent pollution. The plan of EPA changes the way it does business to achieve its results, according to Epa strategic plan.

The Environmental Protection Agency is an independent agency that was found by Richard Nixon and is in United States’ jurisdiction. Their responsible to regulate the “manufacturing, processing, distribution, and the chemical and other pollution” (kenton). EPA was established to in one agency a variety of federal research, standard setting, and environmental protection. Now EPA limits air pollutants like factories, refineries, powerplant, oil, ect. These limitations prevents “asthma, birth defects, respiratory, and cancer” (Kenton).

This agency is so important to the work environment because of all the things it protects. Without EPA it can harm officers and inmates who is exposed to polluted air, they can become dizzy, nause, or have shortness of breath. Some of the ways they can prevent this from happening is an HVAC system, a system that isolates and destroys odors and pollutants through pressure control filtration and exhaust fans. An HVAC is great, but even then some HVAC systems fail to do its job.

All though EPA aids the people, there are some that dislike this agency. These “people” are more or less factories that are the ones who are polluting the earth. The reason there controversy over EPA is because EPA reduces their ways of making money. According washingtonexaminer,com “these rules will hurt west virginian by raising energy bills, making our grid less reliable”(Washingtonexaminer). Their major way of making money is to pollute the world but now EPA is trying to prevent that.

Last but not least, here are some court cases that EPA was involved in. EPA take their agency serious here why, according to Civil Cases and settlements Hyundai construction vehicles has violated the “title II Clean Air Act”. They have to pay 47 million dollars for civil penalty because they sold heavy construction vehicles with diesel engines that were not certified to standards (Palermo). With those vehicles roaming around causing pollution, epa needed to prevent that quickly so it doesn’t cause any harm to the people.

In conclusion, people just need to respect EPA because without the people cannot go to work so this is why EPA is important. There is no better solution or agency than EPA because of what it does for the community. We cannot change EPA but we can make it better by reorganizing it in the future. I believe this agency will provide better systems that help destroy pollution.

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