Natural Pollution and Man-made Pollution

Updated October 13, 2020

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Natural Pollution and Man-made Pollution essay

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Environmental pollution occurs when pollutants pollute the natural environment. Pollution also will greatly affect life on earth like disturbing our balance ecosystem, disturbing animal habitat and others. Nowdays, we live in developing country, that each side of development want to take responsibility to make our country same with other developed country. However, they must be aware that they also need to take risks that can give bad impact on the earth and health.

Environmental pollution can be classified into natural pollution and man-made pollution. Natural pollution is when environment pollute by natural phenomenon such as floods, earthquakes, and others. Man-made pollution is human activities that can affect on the earth and health. Other than that, the environmental pollution also can be classified further as water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, heat pollution, noise pollution and others.

One of the examples about pollution is air pollution. Air pollution is one of the dangerous forms of pollution. This pollution is the accumulation in the atmosphere substances that, in sufficient concentrations endanger human health. A biological, physical, and chemical alteration of the air occurs when smoke, or any harmful gases enter into the atmosphere and make the all living things difficult to survive as the air becomes contaminated. There are many types of pollutants that pollute the environment such as carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, hydrocarbon, nitrogen oxides, particulates, and photochemical oxidants. One example of air pollution is smog. Smog has affected more people than any other type of air pollution. It also can be defined as multisource, widespread air pollution that occurs in the air of cities. Smog or in other words smoke or fog, has been caused throughout recorded history by the water condensing on smoke particles. It usually from burning coal. Burning of fossil fuels, mining operations, agriculture related activity, and household cleaning products entail air pollution. The humans release a chemical subtances in the air every day for their necessary. A lot of animals are forced to change their habitat in oder to survive because air, that has a lot of oxygen gas, is a basic need to living things.

Other than that, water pollution is one example of pollution that can affect us. Water is important element that can make life on earth possible. Without water, no life can survive on earth. Water is one of the greatest resources for the all living things. There are many causes of the water pollution such as industrial waste, mining activities, accidental oil leakage, and others. In fact, the effect of water pollution also can cause health hazard and death. Water pollution also affects our lake and river. This causes tourists to think negatively about our society.

Subsequently, soil pollution is also one of the types of pollution. It occurs when the presence of pollutants, contaminants, and toxic chemicals in the soil. If they in high concentration, it can make negative effect on humans, animals, and plants. Soil pollution is closely related to water and air pollution. Therefore, the effects usually come from similar sources like water and air contamination. Waste disposal, agricultural activities, acid rain are also the main causes of soil pollution. This type of contamination will affect health of humans, the growth of plants, and changes the soil structure. When the soil is infertile, the plants cannot grow properly.

Last but not least, noise can also be categorized as pollution. Noise pollution occurs when noise and unpleaseant sounds can disturb us. It is usually caused by social events, transportation, industrialization, and others. Noise pollution also can affect health of human when we do not have enough time to sleep because of the noise that disturb us. It is important to understand noise pollution because we can reduce it from affecting the environment.

In a nutshell, there are many types of pollution on the earth. They also have negative effect on our health. So, we must take responsibility for protection of the environment by cleaning our surrounding area at least one day a week.

Natural Pollution and Man-made Pollution essay

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