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Public Health Ethics and Law

“Principlism is a normative ethical framework which is used to navigate practical decision-making in the delivery of health care services” (Mundeva, Snyder, Ngilangwa, & Kaida, 2018). Ethical principles that are applied to health care strategy aid in decision making. Public health covers a wide array of topics, in particular, bioethics and law. Bioethics applies ethical…


Medical Ethics,

Public Health

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The Importance of Public Health and its Impact on Society

Intro Public health deals with promoting and protecting the health of people and the communities in which they live, learn, and work. While it is the job of doctors to treat people who are sick the people who work in The American Public Health Association deals with promoting wellness and healthy behaviors and preventing people…

Health Care,

Public Health,


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Public Health: Prevention is better than Cure

The first case of Covid-19 was first reported in Wuhan China a few months ago. At first, experts thought it is a common flu that can be easy to deal with. World Health Organization took the time to respond to the urgency and seriousness of the disease. WHO declares Covid-19 as a global pandemic. Over…

Health Care,

Public Health

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Public Health Promotion

Every country has a great motto to look after their citizen health under proper management approach and that is why the state authorised people working behind for developing the overall citizen health. According to my assignment writing requirement I will focus on public health promotion which is a great part of any state additionally, it…

Public Health

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Global Health Issue 

According to Healthy People 2020, one emerging global issue is the growing rate of deaths from noncommunicable causes such as heart diseases, autoimmune diseases, and most cancers (HealthyPeople.gov, 2020). Most of these diseases are incurable and can only be managed to prolong life and improve the health of affected individuals. One of the concerns regarding…



Public Health

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Importance of Public Health Policy

Over the years, the field of public health has transformed in accordance with scientific knowledge and population needs. During the 19th century, because scientific knowledge of disease etiology was scarce, public health was only able to protect populations from potential sources of ill-health through general health guidelines which educated the public on the role of…

Health Care,

Public Health

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Why I Want to Work in Public Health Area

My godmother, who had spent her entire career as a nurse, lost her life due to malpractice, shortly after retirement, after a surgical procedure. Public health is an area of study that would allow me to work with both researchers and practitioners from a wide range of backgrounds, including race, ethnicity and nationality. Along with…


Health Care,

Public Health

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Public Health Services as a Trends in Health Care

This paper contributes a new way of looking at the health care system through individual interests and disinterests on the U.S. health care system, U.S. health care system challenges, and recommendations to solve these challenges. The part of U.S. health care explained and favored in this paper is the development of public health, and public…

Health Care,

Public Health

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The Need for Community Involvement in Public Health

Public Health is a discipline rooted in helping people realize their most basic human rights of health. The goal has always been to keep people as healthy as possible, but through the years, we have failed many people in this endeavor, losing their trust. One way in which trust has been compromised is the use…

Health Care,

Public Health

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Extreme Obesity

Extreme obesity is also referred to as severe obesity or morbid obesity. This is a health problem that disrupts the basic physical functions of a person and may impact on things like walking and breathing. Other than the impact of morbid obesity to the normal physical functions, it is equally associated with of other chronic…

Heart Disease,


Obesity In America,

Public Health

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