Represent of Individualism in Literature

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When wanting to being an individual could lead you down some dark, sad paths but there can always be the path that can lead you to success, and fame. These last two quarters we focused mainly on individualism. With that being said there was many reading and projects that we had to find different people or different things that showed there different ways of being an individual.

When thinking of the topic of individualism, I think of being different, having a different thought process than everyone else, and lastly doing your own things that you wanna do. An example from this semester in the novel “Catcher In The Rye”. The main character Holden is a great example of being a individual. In the novel Holden is looking for someone who is willing to love him and accepts him for who he is. The only person is his sister. By him not finding anyone to appreciate him, he pushes himself away from everyone in search of finding that someone. A quote from the novel is “ … I was feeling so depressed I didn’t even think. That’s the whole problem. When you are feeling very depressed, you can’t even think” ( J.D Salinger ) .

Individualism, a great but very risky mindset. When having this mindset you have a narrow mind and a weak mind. When wanting to be an individual you push yourself away from family, friends, or any one who loves you for who you are. When being an individual it causes you to become a selfish thinker. A person who only thinks for thereself and doesn’t care about what other have to say about something. I think that individualism is way out for people who get criticized all their life forcing themselves to push everyone away and not wanting to care about anything beside thereself.

With all this bad there is always a bright side to individualism. A bright side to individualism is that you give yourself time to focus on you and what you need to get done. Individualism may person to meet their goals and not what everyone wants him or her to do. It gives the person to perfect themselves of any aspects of their life. Any craft/art of something they want to precisely wanna get better at they can.

An great example of individualism in a great way is Booker T. His story is very inspiring and may influence any people to become this type of individual. His story is an incredible case of somebody that was a fruitful individual is. He was an African American man who was naturally introduced to slavery. But as a grown-up he concluded that he would set aside cash and chose get an instruction at Hampton Institute.With this choice he had conquered numerous impediments since he was African American.

In the mid 1870’s numerous individuals trusted that African Americans ought not have the capacity to get a training so with his craving and drive to get a training Booker T. Washington broke numerous racial hindrances. Booker T. Washington was a person that turned out to be exceptionally fruitful in light of the fact that he couldn’t have cared less about how individuals contemplated him and he attempted to get the instruction that he needed and merited.

All in all , When thinking of the topic of individualism, I think of being different, having a different thought process than everyone else, and lastly doing your own things that you wanna do. Being an Individual could take you down a great or dark path. Making choices as an individual could change your life completely and take your life for a crazy ride.


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Is individualism a theme in literature?
Yes, individualism is a theme in literature. It is often explored through the characters' journey of self-discovery and growth.
What are some examples of individualism?
Some examples of individualism are thinking for oneself, being independent, and not following the crowd.
What is individualism in literature?
In literature, individualism is the belief that each person is an individual and has the right to think and act independently.
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