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Relationship Between Behavior and Attitude

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Relationship Between Behavior and Attitude essay
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Attitude is demarcated as the behavior of a human. It is a predisposition or a tendency to respond to personal’s environment in a positive or negative way. Attitude is a behavior a person adopts toward other people, things, and others. On the other hand, behavior is the obvious response measure of the outcome. Early researchers distinguished that the attitude is causally related to behavior. Research has usually concluded that people do seek consistency among their attitudes and between their attitudes and their behavior.

Most of the people assumed that behavior and attitude are related and that behavior stems out of attitude. So, it can be marked that an attitude that a person holds determine what they will do. For example, when the employee feels distasteful on their job, they treat back with the inappropriate way and negative attitude by showing their internal unpleasant feelings and negative ways. Attitudes be a favorable or unfavorable evaluation reaction to something or someone showed in one’s beliefs, feelings, or intended behavior.

The component of attitude includes an effective component, behavior component, and cognition component. An effective component which refers to our feelings, the emotional part of the attitude. A behavior component is an action to behave in a certain way as a response to one’s feelings and cognitions. A cognitive component is an evaluation of one’s feeling response. A person’s attitudes are very important in a working place to determinate of performance-related behaviors. Such as quality output, organizational commitment, etc. On a general level, a person’s attitudes influence that individual to act in a particular way. Of course, an attitude produces a behavior base on factors such as working pressures, emotional and over workload.

The prediction of a persons’ behavior is not easy. Understanding through their attitude, we can predict their behavior. Thus, it examines to gain an understanding of that factor typically influence the individual or group dynamics in an organizational setting and become more efficient and effective. Nowadays, organizations facing challenges with Employee affairs. Mostly are relating to behavior issues.

Being understandable of their employees’ attitudes are critical things that can predict their behavior. Then, the employer will able to change their employee’s mindset into a more positive way. By conducting this, it will bring more benefit to the organizations since it will increase the efficiency and effectiveness to the employee. And also we are able to improve the employee’s satisfaction in the organization and meet the requirement of the organizations by linking employee’s positive attitude to promoting as their behavior.

Relationship Between Behavior and Attitude essay

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