Relation Between My Personal and Career Goals

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When you’re navigating through the stage of adolescences, you believe you have the world figured out. That is until you figure things out. I’ve been with a private company that provides contract services for the state for about 10 years. In that time, I’ve developed a strong interest in learning more about the functions of legislation and its governing of social services provided to our youth.

As I continue to enhance my education and career path, I thought extensively about what purpose and meaning I wanted to define my life with, ultimately concluding that any life I chose to lead would have to be centered on helping at-risk youth and assuring that the needs of this particular population are met effectively. Through studying criminal justice and managing juvenile delinquents, my knowledge of state laws, policy, and procedures has been enhanced. Additionally, as part of the clinical team I have gained the experience of advocacy, advising, and case management. However, my goal is to continue to seek opportunities that would help me to fulfill my personal aspiration to make a difference within this population.

Areas of specific interest for me include developing effective services using evidence-based research and early intervention. Key components throughout my ten years of professional experience have been effective counseling and remaining afloat with the specific needs of juveniles. I have become exposed to various and often changing needs of this particular population.

My approach and belief of counseling is that one may have the opportunity to receive necessary tools to progress, thrive, and succeed if evidence-based techniques are used. People may have experienced several unfortunate events and have had no control over their circumstances as a youth. Allowing those situations to determine how one function as an adult tends to create barriers. Therefore, it is very important to provide interventions as early as possible. When offering support to a population, gathering information such as socio-economic status, education, and identifying targeted risk areas is a step toward providing effective services.

Considering the experiences, I have gained and my passion to improve the conditions for juveniles, I am in a great position to pursue a greater goal with the intention to continue work in the juvenile justice system to better serve this population. My interests are diverse and I recognize that there is much to learn regarding Public Administration as a whole. I feel completely confident in this decision.

Specifically, I want to be able to oversee social welfare programs and ensure that contractual services are well in compliance with the law. I am hoping that this program assists in developing managerial and leadership skills that I can use to be in a position to manage and introduce new programs, ensuring proper services. It comforts me to know that this University focuses on the individual needs and goals of its students.

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