Reconstruction in the South

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Reconstruction in the South was a remarkable political revolution. During 1867, African American men were given the right to vote in certain Northern states and this created a more peaceful reconstruction for this era. In the South, the first public school system was established to diversify and rebuild the crushed economy. The Reconstruction caused many outbreaks in the community such as the Ku Klux Klan and the confederates.

Efforts of historical accounts of Reconstruction played an important role in this fallout from the idea of equality. African Americans after the Civil War became more recognized because they enjoyed the idea of being able to vote, able to participate in the political process, buy land of former owners, able to get employed and participate in public activities and accommodations. Until opponents rallied against former slaves’ freedom and soon began to tear their community.

Personally, I believe Reconstruction in the South is a toss-up because though it didn’t have total success, it was a step in the right path for slavery and freedom for African Americans. Laws that were set during this time period weren’t always followed strictly. African American rights were protected by laws, which made a huge impact after the Civil War. In my opinion, I believe Reconstruction was a success but with exceptions.

During the time period of The Western Expansion, manifest destiny was widely thought throughout the world. Americans believed that they would be an example to the rest of the world. Americans soon believed that they were sent by God to recreate the world and recreate a new region.

Manifest Destiny created many aspects such as expansion, economies and war. Although critics argue that Americans did not comprehend destined by God to create an empire. It was the way they carried out their thoughts and actions in each way that led them to believe they were created to build an empire of their own.

The angel Columbia was an image to personify the United States. During this era of manifest destiny, images were made and produced to spread democracy and American values across the western lands. This era created movement in the United States to move to the western lands to create a new world.

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