Reasons why Animals Shouldn’t Get Put in the Zoo

Updated May 24, 2021

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Reasons why Animals Shouldn’t Get Put in the Zoo essay

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Good reason could be that if wild animals ever gets released out into the wild again, animals won’t know how to survive on their own. This means that somehow if animals ever do get released into the wild, they won’t know how to hunt to get food, because their so used to zookeepers bringing them food that they need to survive.

Also animals won’t know how to defend themselves from other animals. Since they don’t really know how to defend themselves really all animals can do is run, which doesn’t always work out the way they want it to work out.

For example how lions hunt for prey, whatever kind of other animal their hunting it’s kind of hard for that animals to run away, because lions usually hunt in the night and also they usually work together to prey against animals. This basically means that if they ever go back into the wild they’ll die. So if their born and mostly raised in the wild, they should stay in the wild instead of being put in a zoo.

One last reason and final reason could be that animals really don’t have a lot of space to move around in. The reason why is because zoo’s only have a certain amount of land which means animals can only have their exhibit a certain size. Animals can get very frustrated by this because they won’t feel free, they’ll feel like their held captive.

Just think if you were a wild animal who was just put in the zoo and you didn’t have miles and miles to roam around in, how would you feel. A lot of people would probably feel trapped. That makes animals not only feel trapped but also probably angry and depressed. Why would they be angry and depressed?

They would be depressed because they might miss certain things like plants, or maybe other animals of their kind that are also in those miles that they used to roam around in. Now why would they be angry? Well that’s kind of easy to figure out. If you were feeling like the place you were in was to small or like you were trapped wouldn’t that make you mad because you don’t have much space to move around.

So are you against wild animals being kept in zoos ? Do you agree with the zoos? If you think they should be kept in the zoo, why don’t you do some research and look into it to find out whether you think you made the right decision on which side you support. Or instead of doing research why don’t you go back and read this again, there’s three perfectly good reasons why animals shouldn’t get put in the zoo.

Maybe you haven’t figured out if you should support zoos or not. If you haven’t just read the three reasons again and maybe do a little research. Whichever one you do choose people aren’t going to look at you different, they may just not agree with you. But either way it’s God’s plan for you to make that decision, He could even surprise you with doing great things with the decision that you made.

Reasons why Animals Shouldn’t Get Put in the Zoo essay

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