Positive and Negative Garbage at the State Level

Updated May 2, 2022

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Positive and Negative Garbage at the State Level essay

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When it comes to littering as a state, local and nation problem, it welcomes positive and negative externalities. The federal will then need to waste time enforcing littering prevention laws along with waste money in order to maintain a clean country (negative). Household, the surroundings are to be safer as well as cleaner for everyone, (positive). If the surroundings are clean, business firms will bring in more customers and business will grow, (positive). The rest of the world will not be in as much of a risk as ocean pollution or just general population. Tourists will be more encourage to visit, (positive).

As an individual, you can pick up trash, recycle towards a recycling program. You can gain gift certificates to get goods. Or you can even receive tax reduction by picking up trash and taking it to recycling facility. Join a local humane club if you’re in school, you could help the environment and receive volunteer hours. Businesses can help reduce littering by giving out prizes or rewards like tax reduction. The government can help by providing money to smaller businesses who keep their place litter free, than other companies will want to as well and encourage to go green.

The individual externalities are all positive if you pick up trash and recycle, not only will you be rewarded but you’re also helping our environment. Businesses will have their place looking clean and attract more customers (positive). The government on the other hand, is more tricky. Although, encouraging the industry to be clean, safe and green is for the best, money used will have to come from somewhere. Somewhere may be from our taxes or from our national debt.

Positive and Negative Garbage at the State Level essay

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