Importance of Recycling the Waste

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Recycling is the fastest most easiest way to clean up this world, community, city, and etc. Getting trash should always be a main priority for any city, because more trash left around is more trash that can add on to more trash building up other trash. The rotation of trash is never going to end until someone makes it end but everyone is focused on every other thing going on in this world. Which makes it hard to focus on the trash until it becomes a big problem to the point where trash is blocking your home, your job, your car, and etc. It would be easy for people to recycle if the rules or laws for it was enforced harder than what they are not with a little 250 dollar fine but actual jail time for littering and not recycling.

People don’t understand that when they don’t recycle they are throwing away or letting good material that can be used go to waste. These materials can be used for other more useful things that can be used for household appliances and objects. There’s a lot of material that can be turned into useful everyday materials that we can use. Recycling helps protect the environment it help reduce the use of extracting mining,quarrying, and logging, refining and processing raw materials. Recycling also helps save energy so that we can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions which can also help stop climate change.

Recycling is not something that everyone can always get done sometimes it can be because of the people or because of the state or Country. Some countries like China stop recycling for no reason. There is a major factor when it comes to the reason why we can’t get people to start recycling. They are the largest impactor of waste paper, used plastic , and scrap metal. It would be all their fault alone though because its states in the U.S that’s not recycling either or who were recycling but discontinued their program.

There would be much less trash if there was a recycling law. People wouldn’t have a choice between not doing it and just wanting to leave trash everywhere. Everybody would want to recycle in fear of what would happen if they didn’t but it would still be certain people who would try and break the law. If the police or no one was looking they would try and throw paper or trash down without doing the right thing and recycling their empty carton and container. The people that actually try to get the trash up and actually help recycle should try and take precautions to be able to get the trash up that others disregard.

If they really want to help they should push pass the fact that its other people trash and just get to the fact that they are helping save the planet we live on. People think when they go and dump trash and recyclables out in the open or in a trash can that they are recycling that’s not true. All you have to do is sort your trash can and see what can be used and what cannot be used. Just think of it as you giving up something you just used and having it cleaned or remade out of that material and being put back out to be used again. Some states actually have laws that is set so when you throw away a certain percentage of recycling materials in your garbage then your going to to get fined.

It is also a requirement for you to recycle your batteries and some states require companies to help fund the recycling for the batteries that they put out. While Recycling has requirements they also have benefits. Some benefits of recycling is that it prevents pollution by reducing the need to collect new raw materials and it saves energy. If you turn in your materials then there are some places that sort your recyclables for you.

We live in a world obsessed with throwaway plastics known as single-use plastics.Once discarded, plastic is likely to end up in oceans after being washed down rivers, flushed down toilets, or windblown from dumps. It’s no wonder thousands of tonnes of plastic sit unrecycled in landfills. The worst part of this is that plastics break down into micro-plastics and end up in our oceans. Some people might say that the numbers are rising more and more everyday more and more countries or states are trying to ban plastic bags, straws, and lids.

They say our oceans are being killed, sea creatures are dying, and the ocean water is becoming polluted. California is a state that is doing something about the plastic ban by trying to ban plastic straws unless its specifically requested by a customers. Mill Mccleary said, “straws are one of the top 10 sources of plastic Marine debris, but we really do not need them.” Plastic is harmful to the ocean and is extremely hurtful to almost extinct species that is living down there in the ocean. Nobody wants other people trash washing up or floating in the water while they are trying to swim and have fun.

Most people and businesses have signed the skip the straw campaign, but it still has and needs to be more people recycling and refraining from using plastic if they are going to try and put a stop in a plastic population. If you don’t need to drink using a straw, commit to skipping the straw and add your voice to the sea of people taking a stand for the ocean. It is a small step that goes a long way for ocean health.Skip the straw simply requests that restaurants refrain from automatically putting a plastic disposable straw in each beverage, but rather allow customers to request a straw if they so desire.Unfortunately, Many more continue to make their way into our ocean, where they pose a real danger to sea turtles, albatross, fish and other ocean wildlife.

Some states such as Florida who you would have thought would stay clean because of the type of states its known for being and appoal of the states but that’s wrong they discontinued their recycling program in some cities China. Cities like Deltona, Florida have ended their recycling programs all together i guess that’s the one city in Florida that you wouldn’t want to go to because of their problem. Deltona received 39,000 in rebates for recycling in 2015. Now recycling would cost the municipality more than 700,000 annually. Florida and the U.S are going to try and stop relying so much on plastic.

Doing that would just put us in the same situation as stopping the process of depending on plastic in a couple more years we would just be depending on another resource. More and different types of plastics are being banned it could be good for some cities like Deltona who has cut the programs but, you can’t say your not going to recycle but still want to use the materials in your city for your clothes and all other things plastic is used for. Cities in Florida is not all bad though there are some cities like Volusia County,Florida who want to stay clean. They are encouraging kids, parents, students, and all people to start recycling. Bay Country, Florida also recycle they uses a method that most people may not know about.

In Bay County the primary method of recycling is through the Bay County Waste-to-Energy facility. A Waste-to-Energy facility, unlike an incinerator which just burns waste, extracts energy from the waste. More cities like Gainesville,Florida has banned the plastic bag and foam takeout containers, because their goal is to try and be waste free by 2010.Some other states like New York are behind the city of Gainesville in getting the ban pulled through. They did succeed in getting the ban pulled through on plastic foam containers, and more people are getting into a habit of reversible bags when they go to the store.

San Francisco has now become another state that wants to help out on the recycling train. It was plastic straws to containers but now San Francisco has came in clutch, and is making movements to ban plastic water bottles. San Francisco might have just started trying to get plastic banned because they had stopped recycling at a point in time. So San Francisco has been trying to redirect themselves back to recycle. They don’t want to be alone in the race to start recycling and saving their city and others in the process.

Some don’t think it could be done but it can be done as long as you do it as a team and not alone. San Francisco’s recycling recovery company has helped in getting San Francisco to start recycling by 2018. They would almost be the only city to establish relationships with foreign buyers some wouldn’t do that because some don’t have any connections with these other cities, and wouldn’t want to try and start any. They have been going passt doing work just for the city and just making the city do work. They have moved to the streets and started helping civilians know what to do when it comes to recycling.

The Recycling Program started helping out again by putting signs on recycling bins to show people were actually to put recycling materials. When recycling most people are not aware of the danger it cause to the earth but, getting people aware of the situation might just encourage them to recycle. Give the people facts and ways that not recycling is not only harming us but it is also harming the wild life on earth. It is to up the people if they want to recycle or not or if they would take the time to sort the trash like that which some people can not do. Raise aware to the the problem of not recycling get people talking about it and help encourage others to recycle.

Michigan is another state that has decided to be on the plastic ban train and stop the plastic bags from being used anymore. You can not be a good city with water that is affected i guess that’s why Michigan decided to clean up their act. They are one of the few who decides to run with the plastic ban no one wants trash around their city especially when it is something as simple as bags. People take those home some people leave them lying around when they don’t see a use for them. That’s why we see so many food places bags and store bags around us.

That kind of affects other people such as poor people who can’t afford plastic bags that’s disposable, because those bags are not cheap. Most of the people who couldn’t afford those bags decided to buy some with taxpayers money. Everyone else still uses the same bags that is supposed to be recycled, but their not like “Los Angeles Times’’ said because their still being caught in trees, and blowing across land shores and beaches and hurting the environment. As recycling saves energy it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which helps to tackle climate change.


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