Politics Are Ruined 

Updated July 18, 2021

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Politics Are Ruined  essay

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For years politics has been affected negatively by T.V and social media for more reasons than one. Possible future presidents have been discriminated by their appearance and not their intellect for that reason alone. There are three solid reasons to why this is true, future presidents are more judged by appearance and not intelligence, they are being portrayed as celebrities and not future presidents, and finally, important questions are not being asked when interviewing on television.

Future presidents have judged my appearance because when they are on t.v or social media people are paying attention to their clothes and stuff like their haircuts or makeup and not listening to important arguments. It has been proven that over the years as a television and social media has become more popular people who have a better appearance are more likely to become our president. It is believed that when appearance is a factor it is harder to focus on other things such as the questions being asked. To fix this we might try having the interviews on television anonymous so people can focus on the real problems. Many presidents can probably voucher over the fact that they could not have probably won if not for their appearance during the debates on television.

Social media being such a huge part of today’s society, everyone is using it, even future presidents. Them being on things such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook etc… puts them in the public eye in a negative way. For example, Donald Trump tweets a lot daily and despite his previous jobs on television, he is now viewed as more of a celebrity than a president. He also posts things that a president shouldn’t necessarily be posting, but people don’t even realize it because this is such a regular thing to see now. A possible solution to this growing problem is that presidents or presidential candidates should be more watchful of what they post on social media. Maybe if presidents or future presidents did not post as much on social media worry about them looking like more of a “celebrity” and not a president would not be a problem.

Important questions are not being asked when presidents are being interviewed on television or podcasts. For example, when candidates are being interviewed on television or on a podcast they are being asked questions about their personal life or things such as who their favorite team is or things about their life not pertaining to the presidency. People are not focusing on what’s important, but do we really blame them? We are trained to focus on the unimportant things because that’s how it’s always been. Maybe if we as people worked harder to dig down deep and put aside all of this we could start to ask what needs to be asked.

Kennedy was said to have won because the way he looked on television during the final debates was “clean”. The debates held on television between Gore and Bush were said to be the thing that most likely won the election for Bush. For more background on this, a candidate with almost no experience at all in anything presidential overcame a vice-president! Before the invention of Television, most people would not know or hear about anything happening overseas or even on the other side of the country and so they usually had to rely on the Presidents’ word. In 1968, the Vietnam War was coming to its highest peak.

Political campaigns are now very much influenced by every story out there, whether it be true or not, that is now as everyone knows being spread throughout social media. It’s getting more and more difficult for people to separate the actual news from the orchestrated fake news online. Social media makes telling this apart very confusing for people. The constant sharing of memes,vines,rumors, and videos about political leaders and future ones are always a mixture of truth, lies , and speculation. There are now very few fake “news” sites, that often fake stories start to sound authentic.

Most fake news sites are not even that interesting but are made to post clickbait stories or to trick readers/viewers who will not do their own research. There are also very many sites with political biases or those unexplained and very hard to be true conspiracy theories. It’s easy for people to be influenced by bad information posted by their friends and followers, even if they’d at they don’t intend to lie to you. So it is truly necessary to use a great deal of resources and probable causes before believing anything you see on social media.

Lastly, if a young persons only source of information is social media, they are more than likely not getting the whole story because of the changing and exaggerating of the information given. Also, the information they are usually getting is not always be accurate. Many are quick to repost or share something that has to do with the current presidential campaign without checking if it is completely true or accurate. What we are seeing on social media is almost never the full story, and those political viewpoints should never be based on information from social media or any media out there.

Even though social media helps bring younger people’s attention and brainpower of politics, it often shows one true side of a candidate, which again is never the full story whether it be good or bad. The boring and “unimportant” news is never shared on social media the full story is usually left out. Social media focuses on the entertaining aspect of the campaigns and elections, changing the way the younger people view politics. It may be bringing some attention to the campaigns happening , but not for any of the right reasons. In conclusion, we as a country and we as people should focus more on what’s at stake instead of how someone looks, the future is in our hands after all.

Politics Are Ruined  essay

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