Political Parties

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“Political parties help candidates win elections” and assist voters to make their decisions when who they will vote for. (Anthony Champagne, 2019) Political Parties form a party platform that is meant to simplify and state the principles and political philosophies that the party would implement and promise to fulfill if they are elected to office. Parties help voters affiliate candidates with the party labels and tend to know how they will govern in the government due to the broad party platform.

Political parties in Texas are split into three, the Democrats and the republicans, which are divided into two section sections, the ones who are solely focused on the business making, “business-oriented” Republicans and Tea Party conservative Republicans. The Tea Party Republicans are the ones that are strong in Texas due to its libertarian anti-tax message, meaning less funding for schools and social services.

In Texas, cities like Dallas, Houston, San Antonio all have suburb areas that have been united in the 1950s due to an interstate highway system. This made it easier for people to travel back and forth from the large city to their homes. However, it became troubling for taxpayers to want to fund infrastructure investment. Urban cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin have shown to vote more democratic throughout the whole state due to the changing of demographics. (Anthony Champagne, 2019) Furthermore, an article stated that “one possibility is that living in dense urban environments with a diverse mix of people promotes liberal values.” (Maxwell, 2019)

“Rural areas have remained solidly conservative and have become Republican.” (Anthony Champagne, 2019) An article claims that “living in small towns and rural areas promote political conservatism.” (Maxwell, 2019) The Washington Post also stated that socioeconomic status does play a role in politics, as well as people’s age. (Maxwell, 2019) Furthermore, another article mentions that older people tend to become more conservative while younger people or voters become liberal due to the seeking of opportunities like education and jobs moving into more urban areas. (Tate, 2020) Furthermore, suburban areas’ political views are more of a combined. Although they tend to have both democrats and republicans, the majority votes red.

As more young people are voting, Texas may end up switching to blue since they tend to have more liberal views. Parties in general for example the name’s Republicans and Democrats have become weak while partisan which are the parties’ ideas have become stronger than ever.


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