Political Debates about Stem Cell and Abortion

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Our group is researching how abortion effects the U.S. There is a debate on whether its right or wrong to have an abortion. Abortion has become seemingly more and more heated with abortion being seen in a lot of elections and more recently the election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Basically, some people are arguing that abortion is the murder of a child which makes you pro-life or some people believe that it’s the mother’s choice to abort the fetus which is pro-choice.

In politics these views are evenly divided between the Democrats and Republicans so when they hit the elections that’s usually apart of the debate between the candidates. Also, with new technology scientist have found out that aborted fetuses contain stem cells which can turn into any other cell making it very good for many medical situations but, its funding has been affected by such political debates.

Looking through the scientific lens requires an in depth look at stem cells. According to “Planned Parenthood Video: Why use Tissue from Aborted Fetuses”, written (September 2018), by Maggie Fox which is a senior reporter for NBC news and covers many medical stories which many feel makes her qualified for this kind of field and says, “embryonic stem cells, which come from days-old embryos and which have the power to morph into any type of cell in the body – blood, brain, bone or organ”. This is basically saying where and what stem cells are. They are simple concept but an important one in which its very easy to see the medical potential for such a material.

Although, they are great for many things them being from fetuses which are aborted from their mother’s before they are born, it has caused a debate on whether we should be using such an organic material. One side says that its immoral to use something that comes from a dead fetus and the other side says that this material could save lives and even make lives easier. Such people are trying to do research and, in the past, have been held back by some politicians but, recently the former president Barack Obama helped in continuing to fund these projects on stem cells. Although they have been kept funded the new president Donald Trump seems to disagree with stem cells but hasn’t done much since. Either way stem cells are still in a debate on whether we should use them or not.

Furthermore, people right now are researching stem cells and are making treatments that are really helping people. These researchers are arguing that the use of stem cells outweighs the cons. Which is not entirely invalid since the benefits of stem cells are large. According to “Benefits of Stem Cells”, (October 2018), by Ian Murnaghan which is a scientific writer which has authored many papers which also a bachelor’s and Master’s in science has, “Stem cells offer a viable source of replacement cells to treat diseases and can potentially reduce the morbidity and mortality for those awaiting transplants”.

Ian explains that stem cells can help many victims of organ waiting lists because stem cells can work to substitute and form any tissue that is needed for the patient. This is a very big point for the stem cell argument because such medical issues which are hard to get around are greatly helped because of stem cells. Another benefit of stem cells are the benefits it brings to burn victims. To explain, basically a burn victim would usually have to wait for a tissue transplant which isn’t always the best option but is or well used to be the only option.

Now we can take stem cells and modify them to perfectly health regular tissue that will grow and be able to be attached to large burns (or really any size). Another benefit of stem cells being to test pharmaceuticals safely before they are put out for me and you to take. This would basically work like this, you would take some stem cells that maybe have been turned into brain cells diseased with Alzheimer’s and see what drugs helps slowing down the deterioration. The potential for stem cells is endless but it still has its drawbacks that need to also be considered.

Moreover, some people right now are feeling that stem cells are not good or beneficial enough to be used with their source being from abortions which isn’t entirely invalid. According to, “Pros and Cons of Stem Cell Research”, (January 2019), by. Theresa Philips which is a research scientist for a startup biotech company, “the long period of growth required before use”. This basically means that when stem cells need to be grown into a specific structure that it has been given instructions for it takes a long time.

That fact is very crucial because if people need tissue and not getting it in time the problem will get only worse from there. They are also technically an unproven treatment that can cost lots of money. These reasons alone would make it very hard for anyone to want to use stem cells since them costing somewhere in the thousands has this treatment mostly not being covered by health insurance, according to, “Cost Of Stem Cell Research And Why It’s So Expensive”, (November 2018), which is was made by Cade Hildred which is a CEO of a research firm for stem cell industry, “As stated by CBC Canada, the cost of stem cell therapy is $5,000 to $8,000 per stem cell treatment for patients…stem cell treatments can cost as much as $25,000 or more”.

Also, with it not being a proven treatment it could bring people to wonder is it actually going to help anyone. You might ask why is it an unproven treatment when I have said the concept? Well, the concept is there but its benefits towards people’s health must be well defined and as of now that’s just not the case. Stem cells have their cons, but they have their pros and it’s hard to say whether stem cells are bad or good for medical use.

Furthermore, these two different perspectives are really fighting for the same thing which is for people to be healthy and be benefited. In the end either side can only work together not bring each other down because they have their reasons which are both valid points. As of now the president has still not done anything towards stem cell research so we still have the same funding as we did during the Obama’s presidency.

In which I think that we should look at all the options but try to look past just being moral or immoral to a certain point. Yes, morals are important because they help us not make very bad decisions which has taken place due to ignorance but not if they are conflicting with societies future concerning health. Stem cells has its fair share of cons but it’s still very promising, the concept is very prominent in society today, it will just take someone with the know how to make it so robust that no one can deny its effects to help people but until then the stem cell debate is still divided.

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