Picture of Me in Social Networks

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As I Google myself, I could not believe what I saw. The Internet is quite amazing. I could find myself through social media platforms such as Twitter, Askfm, Youtube, and on some site that has my pictures on it. I am surprised because an interesting yet unexpected picture existed and appeared on Google.

It was quite shocking and funny. Employers would probably see me as someone active in posting personal life activities on social media. There’s less contribution of my posts to news and other non-sociable posts. I would likely just see the news and read if it catches my attention, and I would share it on social media platforms. My reputation online is more likely derived from personal or social posts, since I am more productive in that area. Though I have a LinkedIn account, and barely manage to complete my profile, I rarely opened and go through the platform since Instagram and Twitter catches my attention more.

Looking into social media platforms had been my activity during leisure time. Checking on the news and updates of celebrities, politicians, business successors, friends, families, and influencers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and many more, had been a habit of my daily activities. On each platform, I have different personalities – both Instagram and Facebook accounts enhance on personal and academic purposes (e.g. posting pictures on special events and sharing documentation or edited work of my own), Twitter and Reddit are much more like scrolling down to news and updates on the environment, system, politics, etc. Setting privacy on what you want people to see what you post or share is a priority. Most of the time, you would not want others to look at your posts (e.g. you would create different accounts where one has your friends in it and the other your family members or co-workers).

Privacy is every person’s right and technically speaking, there is no privacy in the social media world. Everything is exposed once that post is shared. Considering of editing or deleting the post would make you feel better, hence, it does not mean it is erased entirely from the Internet. Server data are kept on companies’ possession as you agree to the terms and conditions of the company. The majority of people would just scroll down without reading the conditions of using the social media platform.

Engaging actively and to find influencers. Social media influencers have huge digital followings that brands can tap into to promote offerings and protect reputation. As public relations professionals, creating relationships between brands and influencers, it adds another line of both promotion and defense. Identifying brand threats are prioritized too. Social listening gives professionals the power to understand the public’s opinion before it turns into a trending topic. They can proactively find and address online threats and possibly prevent a major brand reputation crisis. Influencing journalists’ stories can actually see PR professionals on social media when they address a crisis, but many works behind the scenes to shape a brand’s image.

When a trending topic arises, journalists often put their ear to social media to see what people are saying. Public relations professionals will often join that online discussion in order to influence journalists to present a certain angle. PR pros may not always end up seeing the published story they’d like, but they can still use social media as a tool to keep their angle in the public eye.


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