Online Dating And Matrimonial Services

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Welcome to this guide to online dating/marriage secrets.

Being a beautiful Muslim boy or girl, you might wonder ‘what’s the need of going online for finding your spouse when you have so many admirers waiting around you.’ But haven’t you seen your friend waste his/her precious time and energy on a relationship only to discover that the other person isn’t interested in making a long term commitment?

That’s what makes online dating an alternative option. Online communication can help you to know what the other person’s expectations and goals are before you give away your heart and soul on the relationship. Once both of you understand each other better through an online exchange of ideas and feelings, the chances of a sudden, unexpected flare-up resulting in a break-up almost disappears.

In this modern era, Muslims in growing numbers are steadily moving towards the Internet to look for potential spouses. With families often on the move from one place to another, it is getting difficult for them to follow the age-old, traditional way of choosing suitable spouses by searching among their friends, relatives, and neighbors. Not always by choice, Muslims are taking to online matchmaking forced by such circumstances. And while many Muslims still prefer a traditional marriage, they also prefer a wider choice.

And, they are enjoying the experience! It’s time you too consider this modern option. You do not need to ‘date’ in the much-too-familiar sense of the term; just know each other better as a prelude to a life-long relationship. Online matrimonial sites for Muslims are not the so-called ‘dating services,’ but more a tool to be used to search for potential spouses. Muslims who join such ‘dating’ services stick to Islamic guidelines, both for their faith as well as for their personal well-being.

Online matchmaking, or dating with marriage as the goal, isn’t expensive either. You just need to sacrifice one dinner out if you want to have a month’s membership in an online dating service. The sacrifice is worth it, you’ll soon find. Unseen in your sweats or, even in your underwear, you can spend a beautiful evening meeting scores of people of the opposite sex who are also looking for a relationship as you are.

Think about it. You don’t need an expensive kurta-pajama. Nor do you need to pay for dinner and a movie. The suspense is blowing over and the picture getting clearer! Can’t look for a better bargain, can you?

If you are still not convinced, think of three more reasons to join an online ‘dating’ service. First, you don’t have to wait until the weekend to meet someone. Second, you can always talk to someone online even if you work odd hours. Third, if you’re bored of seeing the same set of people over and over again, online dating sites will introduce you to many new and interesting people you haven’t met earlier.


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