Observation in Volleyball Class

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On October 18, 2018, I conducted my observation at Lane Elementary school. I am currently an after-school tutor there, so I was able to get a hold of Mrs. Cody who is a 3rd-grade teacher at Lane. The majority of the class demographics was Latinos and African Americans. The class size consists of 25 students, and the class was in fact coeducational. The student age range from 8-9 years old; the length of the class was 40 minutes long.

Mrs. Cody is a sweet and caring teaching who is also a volleyball coach at Lane. The lesson for the volleyball unit stated that Students will demonstrate fundamental object control by controlling volleyballs by using the proper technique shown for bumping, setting, hitting, and serving. Students will participate in a lifelong sport that they can play casually. To begin the students start by lining up on the blacktop arm’s length apart. Students then started their dynamic stretching such as; walking lunges, high knees, butt kickers, and they also did some static stretching.

In addition to, the teacher was encouraging her students even the ones that were not very enthusiastic about stretching. I did notice a student that was being defiant because she said that she did not want to ruin her shoes. Mrs. Cody then proceed to talk to her and the student ended up participating. At the end of the stretches, the girl had a good attitude towards the warm up. For the most part, students were on task, there where some students that seemed like the troublemakers but they manage to stay on task. Some students did not seem very excited about the activity.

For instance it was day 2 of the volleyball unit and the teacher stated that students will demonstrate proper bumping form 70% of the time during their drills with their partner. (Cody) She also demonstrated the correct and incorrect way to lock their elbows when bumping. The students then demonstrated their locked elbows and athletic stance. A evaluation was done by Mrs. Cody the students had to show her how they locked their elbows and their athletic stance. The teacher used a direct teaching method, usually, all the students were performing the same task. The class procedure and rules were directly express at times, sometimes the teacher seems to expect the students to know certain things. She used verbal positive reinforcement, by positively pinpointing students reinforces the students who are on task and encourages students who were off task to do what is asked.

Furthermore, the formation for delivery of instruction was direct teaching as mentioned before which is a traditional method where the teacher led the class through a task. The student’s role was to follow the teacher’s commands. The students were paired in partners and the teacher chose their partners as well. A disadvantage was that it was difficult for the teacher to provide feedback. There was, in fact, plenty of time to practice passing to each other. There was a student that was being mean towards their partner, but the teacher didn’t pay much attention to it until the other student came to her. Mrs.Cody then gave the student a warning and switched their partner. The student still continues to miss behave she then had the student sit out and take out a piece of paper and write a reflection on what they were doing and how to make better choices with their actions.

equipment used where just volleyballs and a net was also set up. She asked for a volunteer to collect the volleyballs, whoever had a volleyball walked over and put the volleyball in a ball bag. It got hectic because everyone was trying to put the balls away since P.E takes place right before going home; so everyone wants to leave. There was also a student who just left the ball and the teacher didn’t notice. There weren’t many safety issues addressed, besides when she told the students not to kick the volleyballs. Since we were in the blacktop there weren’t any possible hazards. The area was appropriate because the school doesn’t have a gymnasium if they had a gymnasium I would recommend using that area.

Overall, It was a great experience since I already knew she was a coach I kinda figured how her P.E class would be taught. For instance, in class, we discussed the issue of how P.E teachers treat their class as if it’s practice. In the past, I’ve had my volleyball coaches as my P.E teachers, and I always enjoyed my class. On the other hand, I also noticed that there were students who did not like P.E. I didn’t pay much attention to my classmates I just thought they didn’t want to participate.

Now that I’m taking Kinesiology 320 I realized that P.E should not be treated as practice, this leads to students disliking P.E. For student-athletes P.E isn’t necessary looked at as a class it’s more like a fun elective. After observing Mrs.Cody’s class I noticed that since she was a couch there were times when she expected her students to know certain things. I believe that she should give a lot more feedback to her students to help them comprehend what is asked for them to do and this will also help them master the skill.


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