New Hobbies to Start during Quarantine

  • Updated February 8, 2021
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With us listening to all the sad news every day due to this pandemic, it is becoming really difficult for us to focus on ourselves. Its high time we shift our minds to something else, something more productive or something that makes us feel refreshed. One way to do that is to acquire some new hobbies (Sleeping is not a hobby). Here’s a list of some really productive and also fun hobbies that you might consider during this quarantine:

Learn to Give Champi

Being on the receiving end of a champi is one of the greatest feelings ever. For those who don’t know what a champi is, it is a type of head massage which is given using some oil and love. For most of us, our mothers are always the ones who give us the best champis. Just take a moment to empathize that and imagine how happy she’d be if she was at the receiving end. It’s all a give-and-take relationship and now is the perfect time for payback. In case you’re living with your significant other, you can try this on them too.

Learn DIY Hacks

Do It Yourself Hacks are some hacks or procedures which you can do yourself using simpler tools and methods. Be it making a pen stand or fixing a door, tons of videos are available on various platforms that guide you to do it without calling the concerned person designated to do the job. DIY hacks help you to not only get your job done easily but also save you some money and time and gain you a proud feeling about yourself.

Write a Screenplay

You have always thought about that one story which you want to show everyone. Take a pen and a journal and just start writing it. Do your research, think about any situations, mix some anecdotes, and write that story. This would be a test for your imagination skills and in the end, you’d achieve something too. Even if it turns out to be not that good, you’d still feel proud that you accomplished it. And if it turns out to be good, you can go ahead and even shoot it.

Make Chapatis

Don’t you believe that chapati is the greatest invention ever? A flatbread that can be eaten with almost anything to kill hunger, should count as the greatest invention. During this lockdown, one of the major challenges for us was to cook. With most of the people surviving on Maggi, having a chapati would be a better idea because not only it is healthier, but also it can be eaten with dal, sabzi, jam, milk, honey, and many more things. Thus, knowing how to make chapatis comes in handy for times like these and even when you live away from your family and cook for yourself.

Binge-Watch with Family

Binge-watching anything is the most popular pastime in this lockdown. You must have binge-watched your favorite web-series with your friends or your partner. But if you’re living with your family, you can do that with them too. Watching any type of content together is not only an entertaining pastime but it also deepens the bonding between you. Perhaps, it would be nice to see your parents getting engaged in the story and asking to play just one more episode, and you know that is a never-ending cycle.

Look after Your Mental and Physical Health

Keeping yourself mentally and physically fit is very important not only in these days but also in general life. Since you can’t go to gyms, you can try working out at home with some basic exercises. This helps to maintain the immunity of the body and keeps you fit. Also, Meditation and Yoga can help improve your mental health. With all the negativity around us, it’s important to keep a check on our loved ones and their mental health too.

Pick up a Musical Instrument

Haven’t you always thought of playing your favorite musical instrument? Now is the right time to learn to do that. Learning a musical instrument makes you feel positive and skilled. It improves your hand-mind-eye coordination and the sounds played are soothing as well. More importantly, it comes in handy if you want to impress your crush.

Learning a new hobby in this quarantine will surely be beneficial later in life. Everybody has a lot of time in hand now and utilizing this time for doing something productive is the best decision one can make.

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