Negative Impact of Social Networking

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Social networking is the modern way that allowed people to communicate with each other and debate anything regardless of the distances that separate between them. these reasons are the most commune reason that a significant number of people think social media network institute for it only but from another hand, social networking has two main purposes one of them is the social purpose that many of people know this aspect.

The second one of this purpose is the business purpose this purpose is the most important stuff for people who invented social media networking and for people who have a big business because it provides a universal site to display their product. However, social networking has a positive phase when support business and make the easy way that people use it to contact with each other but it still hurt individuals in many ways. This effect can be harmful especially on teenagers that don’t have enough information about social media and the right way that everyone should be used during the time that he or she spends on the social media network.

Nowadays we can see the life becomes more public on social networking like Facebook tweeter Instagram and the way to connect between the people has a significantly changed to become more complicated especially between lovers people who spend long time on social media more likely to have a problem with partner and sometimes that’s leads to break up between there individuals one of reasons that make this action happened is when you set on your phone or laptop to surf the internet then you see your partner put like or comment to a nice person here you become upset then if you see the same view another time your problem increase slowly and you be more wondering who is this person especially if you are a jealous person as a resolute that is what I see when I make some research on many websites and asking people who use the mobile phone and have gone through the same condition.

Social networking is the best place to spread the fake news because it has a huge number of followers that’s help anyone to make any post or video universal during a short time from another aspect fake news is more fiction than true news, and that considered the main purpose of why the false much faster and more widely. Last researching shows number of people who depend on social media to send fake news increase significantly that makes a bad effect on individual, society and the world. From another aspects, social media networking contributed greatly to change the way that people thinking about their life and one of bad result is that most people become lazy because they see some people who use social networking become rich without any effort for this reasons some people said fake news on social media can destroy all valuable and makes ever thing in society go wrong.

The most dangerous aspect on individuals that social networking can make harm effect on daily life is playing online games if we focus on aspects that playing online game can make significantly effect we notes three main parts the first one of them is missing the goals playing online game take your time without you feel and after long time you feel you can’t do any new task maybe that’s make you lazy person need long time to start in another work as before then if we move to second part we can see how online games effect on your study if you are students. Spending your time on the games take all your energy so you cant study any thing after many hours of playing game then you feel like you west long time without real value so that can cause big problem for you and your future.

The last part that online game can affect on it is the way you deal with others. Sometimes online game could make you aggressive and you makes wrong things with people that require an apology about thing you don’t really want to do it but only because you was angry for these reasons online game is consider very bad in all situation Adversely affected on different level in society that social networking can be caused. Social networking can make different types of effect on society and that depend on people who use social media networking and their age the search results show us who can have a big effect from social networking and this people was tennegrs because the kind of people don’t have enough consciousness about about things that happened on this social media website and how do they deal with it .


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