My Volunteering Experience at the Humane Society

Updated June 26, 2021

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My Volunteering Experience at the Humane Society essay

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The Humane Society is a place where cats and dogs without homes live until they can find a permanent household to live in. I made the choice to volunteer there because I really love animals and I have such a passion of wanting all animals to get to live in a good and loving house. My experience with volunteering at the Humane Society was all and all awesome.

While volunteering what I did was take the animals on walks, wash hem, play with them, and feed them. I had also gotten the opportunity to talk to families who were there looking for an animal to rake back home and help them find the best pet for them. There is a large variety of animals that people come to the Humane Society to look for. Some people may come looking for an old dog who does not need a lot of care and training while most look for a young dog or a puppy because they are extra cute. One thing I noticed while volunteering as that after previously being abused or abandoned by their owners the animals are scared or frightened.

For situations like that we were told to try and make the animals feel as comfortable as possible and make them feel loved. The most difficult animals to deal with would have to be h puppies, because they are young, wild, and don’t have a lot of life experience yet. As volunteers we had been told to focus on teaching them how to be potty trained, help them out with teething, and teach them what they can and can’t do.

In this experience I learned that there are many animals without homes and that instead of going to a breeder for an animal, more people should go to a local shelter to give the animals without a home a second chance. Because of this I have learned to have much better patience and I have also gained a lot of respect for the owners of the Humane Society.

They have opened a whole business in order to help give any animals a second chance at life and they have put in a lot of their own money to do so. This shelter like many relies on money donations, products, and food to help take care of the animals. I had such a great time and experience while volunteering at the Humane Society. It’s a quite amazing feeling to know that you are helping both the animals and a family find one another and having that person happy as can be walking out with a leash in their hand.

I had contacted Lydia, the woman who works at the front desk of the Human Society and asked if we could speak in person. When we did, I told her how grateful and thankful I am that she allowed me to have the opportunity of getting to volunteer her and for her helping me learn the basics of everything. Like where everything was, how to speak to families and help them find hat hey are looking for, how much to feed the animals, when they need to be taken on walks or be played with, etc. She smiled and said that it was a pleasure having me and that I have a good work ethic.

When I asked her for any constructive criticism, so I could try and better myself, she said the main thing was sometimes I would play with only one animal too much and would kind of ignore the others but other than that she said I did really good with everything. I will keep this criticism in mind and work on it if there is a next time.

My Volunteering Experience at the Humane Society essay

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