My Volunteer Experience in the Guadalupe Community Center

Updated June 26, 2021

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My Volunteer Experience in the Guadalupe Community Center essay

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My volunteer experience was in the Guadalupe Community Center. I voluntereed a total of six hours on November 2, 2018. The Guadalupe Community Center is many wonderful things, but most importantly, it is a shelter for many people who seek help and find it there. It has a small classroom where they teach orphan kids for after school hours. I worked serving orphan children and adults during my time there.

My responsability was helping sort and pack boxes of food in plastic bags to be distributed to individuals who are part of the Guadalupe Community Center. The amount of work, determination, and passion from the employees and volunteers at the Guadalupe Community Center has truly left me in awe. During my volunteer time, there was three other people helping as well. They all had the same tasks as I did. Unfortunetly, I did not have a suporvisor there. When I first arrived, I was only asked to sort and pack the food boxes. At first, I was a bit lost, but several of the other volunteers knew what to do and helped me throughout the day.

My experience in the Guadalupe Community Center was very overwhelming. Being it my first time ever helping sort donations and actually handing them to people who are in true need has left my heart aching. What I liked the most about this experience was the life lesson I got from it. I learned more about myself after a long day of serving food and setting up boxes of food in plastic bags than I did in my entire life.

I learned that the pampering my parents give me had shape me into an almost ignorant person. I have always been blessed with having a home, food, family, and sometimes complained about my life when there was no reason to. This volunteer experience opened my eyes when I saw how other people’s lives are not easy. There is not a single bad thing I can say about the Guadalupe Community Center.

I am currently registered to volunteer again for several days for Winter break. I love what they do and their positive attitudes towards the community. They welcome everyone with open arms and a huge smile. The Guadalupe Community Center has in many levels increased my interest in volunteering with them and in other places. This valuable experience has set a pattern in my life to keep on helping others and serve my community.

Overall, my volunteer experience was amazing and was personally valuable to me. I had the best time and met many wonderful people. Being able to help the Guadalupe Community Center has opened my eyes to the world. Having ignored the imperfection such as poverty was a very ignorant thing of me to do. Now, I am now more devoted on helping others. The best lesson I took from my volunteer time at the Guadalupe Community Center is that I feel that I have become a better person by volunteering. By getting involved, I am becoming a more empathetic person. That volunteering moment was a defining moment in my life. Through volunteering I had made a difference in my community even if it is only a little bit.

My Volunteer Experience in the Guadalupe Community Center essay

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