My LEGO Childhood

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It’s possible to create almost anything you can imagine out of LEGOs. You can build tiny spaceships, giant mansions, planes, unimaginable forts, or cities of blocky skyscrapers that span the basement floor. My personal favorite was constructing ancient castles.

During grade school, I was a huge fan of my LEGOs. I would build the most complex castle, full with the moat full of alligators, the drawbridge, the watchtowers, and the room for the royalty. I would kneel on my beet red carpet burned knees for hours. Hunched over the walking hazard of hundreds of blocks spread out all over the carpet, to select the perfect piece for each part of my specific creation. I would stay like this until my mother called for dinner or until I finished my creations.

I was constantly interrupted during my time constructing masterpieces by my brother, or my dog stealing the bright colored blocks. I would yell and chase him all around the basement trying to get my perfect piece until I had him in my grasp. I then had to pry open his mouth to get the piece out and dry off the slobber encoated block to continue my build.

When the plastic castle walls were finally erected and the silver knights that were on horseback were ready to approach the castle from the other side of the moat, I was done. I didn’t usually play with the castle after I built it, because the part that I most enjoyed was the building process. Once I finished it I had to move it to the other room so my erratic dog wouldn’t chew it up and destroy my ‘Ages 3 and Up’ masterpiece.

Looking back on my childhood, I guess I was an oddly obsessive little kid. Days after constructing a fort or a building, I would continue to examine that every plastic block was still in its correct place, and that nothing had been broken.

It’s crazy to think that between the time during my childhood of playing tee ball and the time of driving a car,and having a part time job, I am, in some ways, exactly the same. As you probably assumed I don’t play with LEGOs anymore, however I look to have the same mindset as I pursue becoming a construction manager.

Although I won’t be designing all of the masterpieces I get to help create I will be able to be apart of all of it. Being a construction manager I will get to continue my childhood memories of creating and building, by overseeing and planning the construction of anything from bridges to mansions.

Being a construction manager encaptures my childhood mindset of being capable to build anything I imagined. Besides the fact I won’t be building castles complete with drawbridges and knights. I hope to create the same intricate images and designs that I once created as a child to my profession. Becoming a construction manager would perfectly fit my personality, because I have always loved to create things.

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