My Impression of the Book a Long Way Gone

Updated June 26, 2022

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My Impression of the Book a Long Way Gone essay

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My book is called A long way gone and it’s talking about how a group of kids survived a war land by themselves without anyone helping except them coming together. As they’re trying their best to survive on this dangerous and hard mission death comes along and takes down one by one of this small group trying to survive a war zone. Each person in that group is good at something and like people say 2 minds is better than 1 but actually there’s three of them. I haven’t finished the book yet so there could be others but each one of them has survival technique that helps out the group.

The leader in the group is ishmael and he loses his brother before he starts his journey of survival. That’s something that motivates him to do better and live longer. One day a truck from UNICEF arrives at the camp where Ishmael and some other boy soldiers are stationed. Their commanding officer tells them to go back to regular society with the UNICEF guys as they are going to be rehabilitated. This really is not going so well. Ishmael and the other boys suffer severe withdrawal from the drug. They have always had a taste for combat and violence

Ishmael eventually makes friends with a nurse named Esther. Reminding him of his love for rap music, she can help Ishmael move beyond the terrible things that he has done. Ishmael learns that he has an uncle living in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, and after he is completely rehabilitated, he goes to live with his Uncle Tommy. Ishmael is elected to go to New York City to talk to the United Nations about the consequences of

Isamael and his family never lived in a unsafe place back home a lot people were dying because of valence and ismael didn’t like it one bit of it. Things are peaceful back in Sierra Leone for a while. The rebels eventually take control of the capital and overthrow the state. Ishmael and his family are in daily danger here in Freetown. Ishmael calls Laura Simms, a woman he met in New York City, and wonders if he could stay with her if he should leave Sierra Leone. Laura says yes and Ishmael starts on a risky journey.

Ishmael, Saidu, Musa, Alhaji, Kanei, Jumah, and Moriba are genuinely spent from the entirety of their brushes with death. They keep making a trip starting with one town then onto the next, never recognizing what they will discover when they show up in another town. The intensity of nature is a steady power on Ishmael’s excursion. He spends his nights strolling and feels that the moon is a consistent buddy. On moonless evenings he is awkward and startled. Since the young men frequently stroll peacefully, their faculties have gotten quicker. The commotion of nature is unavoidable, and the timberland both shields them from assaults and shrouds their aggressors. They tune in to the leaves for peril. They evaluate the breeze for dangers. They look for spread in the woodland during lightning storm storms.

The topic of the disorder of war is pervasive in this section. The young men are loaded up with fervor and expectation at the chance of seeing their families, just to have the town go up on fire before their eyes. The danger of savagery is consistent. The vulnerability of the renegades’ best course of action makes a horrendous pressure and dread. Since the assault happens similarly as the young men are moving toward the town, Ishmael faults Gasemu, a banana rancher, who postponed their appearance by requesting their assistance conveying bananas. Ishmael is irate and attempts to choke Gasemu. His companions keep Ishmael down, and Gasemu reveals to him he couldn’t in any way, shape or form have realized this would occur.

My Impression of the Book a Long Way Gone essay

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