My Future Plan for the Uncertainty Situation

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Nowadays, the whole country including Malaysia are facing covid-19 pandemic. The covid-19 pandemic is not just about health but it is also affect the almost whole economic sector in Malaysia. Because of this situation, most of the economic sector have a loss because they cannot run the business. To cover the loss, they fired their workers. So, the unemployed rate will be increases for a few years. From now, I must have a plan to equip myself in future for the uncertainty situation.

My plan for the short term is accept the order for sewing while I’m improve my skill sewing through the online class. I plan this because, I already have sewing skill that I took the sewing class while I continuous my degree. Now, I just have skill about woman cloth but not for man cloth. I also receive the order for sewing the woman cloths. Look at the situation right now, I must improve myself in sewing skill to make sure it will be beneficial in the future. For my improvement on sew, I would For my plan to accept the sewing order from now because I can get the regular customer that believe my skill.

For the next plan, I would like to open the small shop to run my sewing business. At this step, I also think that I can sell the fabric to customer that they can buy and at the same time they make a reservation. If they can sew their self, they also can buy it from my sell fabric. At this stage, I already have two in one business that relate with each other. I also can market my business at media social as Facebook and Instagram. However, I just have a small shop, I would like to join the physical sew class or visual sew class. This because of my mind always think, I must always improve my skill with join the class however I know how to do it.

After the small shop is success and I already stable in the sew industry, I would like to open a boutique for the next five years. The boutique will provide the service like receive an order for cloth and make a rent of clothes for wedding or event. For open a boutique, I must find a strategic location for open the boutique. The strategic location is important because of to find the high demand and low risk.

So, I can run my business for the long term. At the boutique I also can provide the tutor service for the sew class. I plan to provide two type of class that physical or visual class. So everyone from everywhere can learn how to sew the cloth. The book about the several type of design cloth also can provide to them that join the class for them refer it when their want to sew.


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