Public Health: Prevention is better than Cure

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The first case of Covid-19 was first reported in Wuhan China a few months ago. At first, experts thought it is a common flu that can be easy to deal with. World Health Organization took the time to respond to the urgency and seriousness of the disease. WHO declares Covid-19 as a global pandemic. Over 200 countries have seen the result of this deadly disease. Scientists and experts are desperately seeking vaccines.

Religious people are seeking God to heal this world from this plague. Governments across the world are taking all the precautionary steps about the disease. New laws have been established with the devices of experts. Furthermore, the governments are working harder to stabilize the economy as well as giving hope to citizens who are living under panic. There are many lessons that I have learned from this disease like public health is ruled by politics, Health system improvement is important, emergency funds are not wasted money and lastly, transport is the backbone of the world economy.

The government has been directly targeted for coronavirus. Whether it is the American government or the Chinese Government. Citizens of each country are following the guidelines implemented by the health ministry. The government has given a certain amount of money to the ministry of health to aid in reducing the severity, of disease. When a sudden health challenge arises. For instance, when health systems have failed to prevent the spread of the virus, the government is blamed. Furthermore, the government has been blamed for failing to protect its citizens. They failed to stop the travel restriction which was repeated by various experts to be the reason for the spread of the disease.

Another example of the US before the disease, the government had cut public health programs that were meant to safeguard the health of citizens and dealing with possible pandemics that can arise. The government greatly impacts social, environmental, and economic conditions that require the creation of awareness. Covid-19 depicted how the government has failed to invest in the health sector. For instance, the lack of awareness in the citizens has to lead to a faster spread of the disease. Furthermore, the government has failed to protect the older adults whose immune system is lower.

Science is been useful to find the hidden facts in this modern era. For some people, the concept of sanitizing our hands, wearing a mask, and keeping social distancing for a deadly disease makes science worthless. People were expecting smarter methods to deal with deadly Covid-19 disease. However, through these simple methods, there great outcomes that assure us to trust scientific experts. Scientists have been pushing for human vaccination and emphasizing climate change agendas, especially in the US. Their research and analysis of the disease are correct. The solution we are using to reduce the consequences of the disease.

The scientific facts are helping each person daily to learn new outcomes of this disease and how keeping social distance works. Historical data shows that the 1918 flu pandemic has helped us to understand much about this pandemic. There is a strong relationship between the two. Measures such as the closure of the schools and banning of gathering such as churches and political rallies have helped reduce the effects of this deadly pandemic. Such relevant research is also useful in developing a vaccine that is used to respond quickly to this disease. It is surely important to listen to scientific guidelines in reducing any spread of some diseases and not just the case of Covid-19. This will make our world healthier.

Public health department worldwide has taken into their hands to teach the public how to improve health and emphasis on the use of hand sanitizers and wearing masks. Many people did not know the reality of diseases, but such programs have helped them. Many people thought that it is a normal disease and doctors are going to treat them and be discharged just like a normal common cold disease. In this case, public health has done tremendous work to help them understand the prevention is better than cure. Furthermore, we have learned as the public that the disease is very harmful, and more people been hospitalized. For the treatment of those patients, more hospitals are needed. Leading to many deaths that are being witnessed.

Prevention of Covid-19 disease among people has taken tremendous value. Therefore, public health gets in to offer their services. Public education is therefore so important. A long-term solution to the prevention of disease not only for the case of Covid-19 but other diseases that might arise in the future is to be implemented. This involves collective planning methods, the willingness to invest, and the creation of the public trust. It begins with the sensitization of the public on health matters through education. The reflection on how Covid-19 was handled provides a basis for how much is still needed to be done.

Developing a healthier world is the most important way to prevent any disease from arising. A society that is not vulnerable to disease should be created, this means, we ought to just take the challenge at hand and deal on it, and also after the pandemic, emphasis on public health matters should be continuously offered to develop a healthy world.

I can imagine how our nation will be of only we place into a concern public health at the center of all that we do or plan to do! If money is allocated to public health programs by the administration and not to cut like the governments did before the pandemic. If the citizens take into their hands and deal with their vulnerable health situation with a mission that that county’s vulnerability is also citizens’ vulnerability especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, our country will achieve great results in health matters.

The problem at hand is Covid-19, but we should also take into consideration other destructive works of nature such as hurricane, Earthquakes, floods which can be sensitized through public health. It is so said that people are dying through various calamities such as ranging floods, but the world is focused on Covid-19. It is through the public health sector and not government alone to intervene carry the load of reaching out to various people who are not only vulnerable to Covid-19 but also natural disasters.

Through public health programs, at the strike of a deadly disease or natural disaster, the ability to bounce back matters a lot. It is shaped by the condition of public health just before the strike of disaster. When a deadly disease or natural calamity strikes, people are quick to cry fault of the government and health care sector. Yet in many cases, these people have been addressing public health sensitive manner matters as a waste of resources. Through this disease, we have learned the need to build a good public health structure to reduce or mitigate its effects in case it arises.

The Covid-19 was indeed spread to other countries through air transport. Modern technology has made the world into a village-like hub. People traveling across nations and continents at large. To prevent further infection, the transport sector was closed by many countries. The consequences of this closure are devastating. The economy of the world is affected by it and in great crisis. Just because of the closure of transport.

The world with the transport sector is like a web, the absence of it takes us back to several years back when countries were striving to get independence. Countries exports have been also affected, many people have lost their jobs and stayed at home. For instance, pilots who are paid on contract terms or after the task is accomplished have been rendered jobless. Furthermore, the tourism sector has also been affected. Indeed, transportation is a key component of development in the country.

The Covid-19 case provided the wisdom of keeping enough emergency funds. Many people have always considering are waste of resources while others are concluding that politicians steal in the name of the emergency fund. With the disease, emergency funds have been used to facilitate help to people who have been largely affected by the virus. Those who lack definite activities to generate income. At the crisis, the lockdown has forced people to change their lifestyles and minimize expenditure. Those who lack money have been provided with food and water to sustain them. This is to help those who need urgent finances.

In conclusion, Covid-19 has reduced the world economy by a drastic range. The disease has affected many countries and affected worldwide economies. No disease has ever caused such biggest losses. However, many things have been learned; public health is ruled by politics, Health system improvement is important, emergency funds are not wasted money and lastly, transport is the backbone of the world economy.


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